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What You Should Know From Pre-Season

1) Don’t watch it

2) Don’t base your Regular Season predictions off of it


I did the first one.

I’m going to do the second one.

Kobe has zero fcks to give


Which is a good thing honestly. The Lakers aren’t a team heading in any direction. A perfect environment for Kobe to shoot himself into basketball history. If you haven’t seen a Laker game by now, I’ll tell you this. Kobe Bryant will be the All-Time Leader in Field Goals Missed and he’ll remind you every game this season how he has reached this point. You may poke fun at this irrelevant chapter of his illustrious career but I reassure you, he’s going to have some incredible scoring games this season.

Kobe Bryant’s shot selection is kinda like a slot machine. Everybody says it bad and it makes no sense, but when you’re forced to watch it, you can’t seem to pull yourself away from it. Like this one…

473Suns Lakers Basketball

Hollywood Storylines:

  • Kobe Bryant breaking “Oldest Active Player To Do … ” records
  • Kobe passing MJ on the scoring leader ranks
  • Kobe passing … I had too
  • Julius Randle being labeled a bust … I’m sorry LA, he’s going to turn out great in year 2
  • Jeremy Lin proving once and for all, he’s a solid NBA player
  • Carlos Boozer flexing and yelling and reminding LA how good Pau Gasol was.
  • Wesley Johnson growing a bit of self confidence


No More East Jokes


Even though Paul George is out for the season and Stephenson bolted to the Bobcats… I mean the Hornets, no not New Orleans, I mean Charlotte…the Hornets…

Am I the only one that thinks this name and location switching has been confusing as hell ?


The East looks okay. You’ve got Cleveland and Chicago on a collision course for the throne. The bubble teams like the Wizards, Hawks and Raps all got better and aren’t the butt of a Lebron-joke. The battle for home court advantage will be a sight to see. Top Eastern Things to look out for:

  • Bulls claiming the top spot
  • Cavs having a blitz start but running into offensive troubles after 20 games
  • Bucks figuring out Jabari Parker is their number1 option after the All-Star Break
  • Wizards looking like a threat after Bradley Beal comes back
  • Pacers averaging 80 points a game
  • Philadelphia TankSquad
  • Orlando Magic, Brooklyn & Detroit fighting for the last Play-Off spot


The Miami Riddle


The Miami Heat will bounce somewhere in the middle of that HCA battle for the Play-Offs in the East. Coach Spo has his work cut out for him. Miami consists of veteran players who have had deep Play-Off success and young prospects without any relevant NBA experience. During the Pre-Season those young guys have performed really great. Whether or not they will play isn’t the big riddle.

Will Dwyane Wade accept the Robin to Chris Bosh’ Batman?


With ‘Bron out, Bosh has all the space to show his midrange game. He’s still quicker than the bulk of NBA Power Forwards and his midrange jumper was the best in the entire NBA. It won’t be this season though, his high FG% was the result of LBJ tenure as a Heatian.

Miami’s inability to rebound will prevent them to go deep into the postseason. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Shabazz Napier running the Point Guard position
  • Mario Chalmers’ run for a 6th Man of the Year award
  • Dwyane Wade’s Threepoint Attempts
  • James Ennis Shaqtin’ A Fool highlights
  • The Sudden Decline of Birdman

Same Ol’ Spurs


Yes they lost against Alba Berlin.

But they’re playing again like it’s 1999. Tim Duncan, Manu, Tony are in great shape and one of their pick-ups will probably be the type of player who’ll come in during a random time and grab the decisive rebound that’ll decide the Western Conference Finals in the Spurs’ favor. You just know that’s going to happen.

Very Spurs Things To Happen in ’14-’15:

  • An injury to Manu, Tim or Tony during the season
  • Kawhi looking like a 23-5-5 guy during that span
  • Tiago Splitter & Boris Diaw looking like bums during the regular season
  • Tiago Splitter & Boris Diaw looking like the lovechild of Magic Johnson during the postseason
  • Coach Popovich yelling at Patty Mills
  • Manu’s bald spot not being a ‘spot’ anymore
  • Spurs cruising to the best record in the West

Russell 4 MVP


We didn’t need an injury to a big superstar.

But if I had to choose, I would’ve picked Kevin Durant.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kevin Durant. But the possibility of having Russell Westbrook at the helm of a team and a green light to shoot whenever he wants is enough to convince me. This could finally show us how good Westbrook really is.

Some things we might expect during KD’s injury:

  • Westbrook being the League Leader in Points Per Game
  • Westbrook scoring a 50 point game
  • Westbrook following up his 50 with a 8/33FG Game
  • Russ going for a quadruple double with 20 pts, 10 rebs, 10 asts & 10 turnovers
  • Russell attempting 30 shots in KD’s comeback game
  • OKC having a great record without KD because Westbrook is THAT good



 Superstar Rooks


I tried to watch every single T-Wolves game of the pre-season, turns out only one game was televised. That one game didn’t feature Andrew Wiggins. I did watch almost every game of Jabari Parker.



He good

He’s still a little bit shy about taking the reigns on offense, which is completely normal, but I expect him to be Milwaukee’s number 1 very soon. Milwaukee plays him at the 4 position, but to me he seems more effective at the Forward. He reminds me of Melo in terms of size and movement but Jabari seems to be more explosive of the bounce. He doesn’t have Melo’s killer jumpshot…. yet.

I tweeted in the beginning of the preseason that Aaron Gordon looked like Michael Beasley 2.0

I want to apologize for that.

Gordon still looks like a tweener but his Basketball IQ is lightyears ahead of Beasley’s, which will assure him a place in the NBA if he continues to work on a jumpshot. Orlando seems to be a big winner in the draft. Elfrid Payton looks like an absolute steal and he’ll benefit from the open spot at the guard now that Oladipo’s injured.



With hair like this, you can’t really fail


This year’s draft features two big name shooters Doug McDermott and Nick Stauskas. They seem to have found perfect fits via the NBA Draft. The Chicago Bulls have always been near perfect on the defensive end, but had troubles maintaining their offensive flow because of scoring droughts. Dougie McBuckets will make sure D.Rose gets the appropriate room to operate & penetrate to the basket. Whether Nick Stauskas will survive on the Kings isn’t a sure thing. Sacramento has been a rocky situation these last few years.



A couple of guys I see having a quiet season are…

Dante Exum of the Utah Jazz doesn’t look ready for the NBA, at all. He seems to have just picked up the game of basketball. He looks lost on the court on both sides of the court and his handles aren’t at the NBA level.

Zach LaVine will show out during the Dunk Contest and that’ll be his lone highlight of the season. If Barea does get bough out, he might get some more minutes.

If Boston trades Rajon Rando, the chances Marcus Smart will have a big rookie season are pretty high. Not because he’s one of the best players in the Draft but because he’ll shoot his way to a ten point average throughout the NBA Regular Season. His stroke isn’t the prettiest, but he continues shooting past his struggles. Which is kinda rare for a rookie. His irrational confidence will steer him to a great NBA Career. Some rookie things that might happen…

  • Jabari Parker will win ROY
  • At some point in the season people will say Wiggins is a bust
  • These same people will point out Wiggins’ Superstardom in 2 yrs and say they predicted it
  • McDermott hitting 8 threes in a game
  • Chris Paul mistakenly passing it to Aaron Gordon because … Griffin
  • Mario Chalmers yelling at Shabazz Napier because … payback


John Wall finally looking like John Wall


John Wall just ran out of excuses.

His Washington team looks like a contender at last. Bradley Beal’s injury is just a speed bump on the road to Home Court Advantage during the Play-Offs. Anything but a 3 spot will be a disappointment for this Wizard team. John Wall made a considerable leap last year where looked mature enough for Play-Off success, will he continue his progress into a NBA Superstar?

The question is whether this team remains healthy throughout the year. Paul Pierce won’t look like a great pick-up but I guess his locker room presence will prove invaluable.


Thompson > Curry ?



This is a question we asked ourselves during the FIBA World’s.

We’ll ask it again during the NBA Season. It doesn’t mean we’re downplaying Steph Curry, it means Thompson is evolving into a complete basketball player. Those who watched the World Championship saw Klay Thompson successfully post up on the block, drive the basketball and create for other teammates. What surprised me even more was his outstanding lockdown defense on the perimeter.

Golden State will continue to evolve into one of the premier teams of the Western Conference because of the Splash Brothers.


Return Of JaFail McGee


















Admired Once Retired

Five rings, Finals MVP, All-Star, member of  the most successful sports teams of your generation.

Tony Parker is a living basketball Legend who’s only 32 years old. But no one seems to talk about him that way. Until he’s in the NBA Finals again, then the media gives him a day worth of coverage. Time to change that.



Every Spurs guy should get an asterisk next to their stats saying they put team first, never me first. Duncan, Ginobili, Parker and now Leonard could be major superstars on other NBA teams, putting up huge numbers. The kind of numbers which fuels NBA Talkshows or drive Sports Forum Discussions crazy when they’re putting up their Top 10 All-Time or whatever.

What those kind of people fail to see is ‘Basketball’.

How it should be played

What it takes to win


Re-watch the Play-Offfs. Or the six Play-Offs prior for that matter. Re-watch the last 5 minutes of any close Spurs game over the last ten years. You’ll see one of the most cold blooded players the NBA has ever seen.

Look up a Spurs’ run in which they kill their opponent, you’ll see Tony Parker running the show. Either dazzling opponents with his drives to the paint, speeding up the tempo or feeding Tim Duncan after a pick’n-roll, it’s Tony.

And we only appreciate him when he turns in an epic 4th quarter performance during Play-Off time and then we forget again.

We list the top Point Guards and mention Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Russel Westbrook, but they’re not even in the same breath as Tony Parker. Chris Paul doesn’t have any postseason accomplishments, Derrick Rose doesn’t have any substance to his Superstardom and Russel Westbrook spells ‘Team’ as ‘Me’. You can point out that TP has had the better team and I’ll disagree. The Spurs have had Finals rosters filled with players who were outcasts on other teams. Look it up, their roster is never spectacular. So credit goes to The Big Three and Coach Pop for their system. It’s Tony Parker whenever San Antonio is in need of a bucket… and the dude delivers every.damn.time.

This is where Tony Parker gets underrated.

I believe the Frenchmen is the reason Tim Duncan gets looked at as a aging marvel.


Timmeh Backpack Shwag

Everyone is saying Tim Duncan ages well and performs great for his age. Yes
Tim Duncan is the leader and top-performer for the San Antonio Spurs. No

Hear me out…

I think the dominant and consistent play of Tony Parker is the reason Tim Duncan can rest as much as he does during the regular season these last few years, so he can maintain his level of performance during countless postseasons. The heaviest load of an offense is when teams rely on their leader to carry them through scoring droughts or rough, inconsistent patches of play. You can’t say with a straight face that Tim Duncan is that guy. It’s Tony Parker.

When San Antonio needs a bucket, Parker calls for a high screen and does one of these three:

1) Drive to the basket (floater, spinning layup, dish out)

2) Midrange jumpshot

3) Passes it to the screener for an open jumpshot

This isn’t a secret, but no one can stop it.


Because he doesn’t force anything, he seems to be making the right decision every time. Are you telling us that basketball is that simple? Chyeeaahh, if you take care of the details…

Tony Parker is not an athletic freak as the point ‘gods’ listed above. But he plays the pick’n roll like no other because he takes care of the details.

Even when the pick is set average, he makes sure to jab his defender in a way he’ll get a step ahead of his defender. Youngsters get taught to go around the pick as close as you can get. Older, experienced ballers know it’s not as easy as that sounds. Tony Parker kinda lures his defender in the screen by his dribbling jukes he uses before taking advantage of the screen. The video gives you great examples. Because he’s so good at using the screen, he can use the pick as bait, then pop out a cross-over and go the other way. Tony Parker always uses a screen even when he isn’t using it. You still following me there?

The point I’m making is, it’s all pretty basic. But it’s these basics that are the foundation of the beauty that is Spurs Basketball. The Days of dumping it to Duncan and cutting and screens away from the ball are far gone. Parker’s in charge. There’s no room for nostalgia and call Tim Duncan the president of San Antonio.

Don’t get me wrong, it is impressive how this transition went so smoothly no one even noticed. This is what happens when basketball reigns supreme and not ego’s, stats and shoe deals.

Tony Parker doesn’t make incredible shots. He’s not a regular on Sportscenter and he won’t be a Facebook viral sensation anytime soon…

He isn’t going to be on someone’s bedroom wall either,

Not going to get First Team NBA,

Not going to be an All-Star Game Starter,

Not going to get a full article written about him in some fancy US Sports Magazine,

Not going to care either,

5 Rings and counting…

He’ll have time for your admiration later

Kobe – A Working Title

Lost in a search for a title, I realized my painful brain search was fitting to the enigma ‘Kobe Bryant’. I was thinking ‘A Fitting End To A Legend’, ‘American Psycho’, ‘The Good, The Bad & The Ugly’ and so on… Truth is, throughout his illustrious career, we’ve seen so many sides of Bryant, it’s hard to punch out one title that sums it up.


After shooting 8 airballs vs Utah, Shaq says some memorable words which launches Kobe to superstardom

The original intention was to write a preview for this year’s upcoming ’14-’15 NBA season, but then I came to the conclusion that the only thing that I could really think about was whether or not Kobe was going to have a successful comeback. Of course you have the Lebron James Cleveland Love story (pun intended, yes I’m a word magician), the Comeback by D-Rose and arguably the best generation of rookies since 2003.

Still, I think the world wants to see Kobe succeed in his last dance. I’m not a huge Kobe fan by any means, but after seeing Shaq, T-Mac & J-Kidd retire, Kevin Garnett being a shell of his former self and Steve Nash prolonging his career on a shaky back, I’ve become nostalgic to a generation that’s running on fumes… and Kobe is the last in line to write a fitting end to the baggy pants chapter.


Shaq carrying an injured Kobe during the 2000 Finals

Kobe: A Love/Hate relationship


The 21 year old who was arguably the NBA’s best defender and creative playmaker. The youngster who’s glass ceiling wasn’t yet set. The kid who copied every single one of Jordan’s moves and succeeded in it too.

That’s ‘The Good’

Bryant was also the guy who desperately wanted to be the hero in the closing moments. You could debate whether it was ‘being competitive’ or being an outright selfish D-Bag to gather fame. But still, most of the time, he succeeded in this ‘hero’ role.

That’s ‘The Bad’

During the Lakers’ Threepeat, I couldn’t help but be amazed at Kobe’s offensive and defensive abilities. As an avid Shaq fan, I rooted for Kobe to have historic numbers himself. So Shaq & Kobe could be the best Dynamic Duo Ever. In which I think they succeeded… My love story with Kobe ended during the Finals in ’04 against the Detroit Pistons. After Karl Malone’s injury Kobe took over every game…

But not in a good way.

His Field Goal attempts became uncontrollable and he ignored Shaq when he had position on the block. Shaquille O’Neal was up against Ben Wallace, a 6’9 Power Forward who pretended he could guard O’Neal. Shaq shot 64% from the field during the Finals and Kobe shot below 40%. ‘Nuff said. Shortly after the Finals, Shaq demanded a trade and therefore the end of Greatest Duo Ever. That’s ‘The Ugly’

After The Trade, he finally had his own team and he went HAM. The scoring titles, the 81 point game, the 50 point games, etc. You can loosely compare these seasons with the early MJ seasons. Stats on stats but no W’s.


Further proof that ‘Greatness’ gets defined by a bit of luck too.

I’m not hating, this goes for the greats too: Duncan, Shaq, Magic, MJ, Bird. Look at their teammates, now look at T-Mac’s teammates. Now continue reading…

After losing in the Finals against a ridiculously stacked Boston Celtics team, it became clear that LA just needed to fine tune the Triangle with Pau to become a Championship favorite.

Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum AND Pau Gasol ?

Good luck with that.

Everyone remembers the NBA Finals against Boston, but it was Kobe’s complete offensive and defensive performance against the Orlando Magic that really blew my mind. This includes one of the most ridiculous shots ever over one of the best shot blockers ever.


What I’m trying to say is, I didn’t hate him anymore. You can’t hate on greatness.

It was during this time in his career he showed himself as a leader and thus winning his only MVP trophy during the regular season.

He looked human, someone you could be cool with. And even Kobe fans must admit, he didn’t look like that earlier in his career.


The downside was, his knee problems began to catch up with him. Not so much on the offensive side of things, but defensively. Once a lockdown defender, he found himself limited. He used to gamble for steals all the time but he was athletically so gifted he could make up for it.

Not anymore.

Losing Phil Jackson, Ariza, Fisher, Bynum etc. didn’t help either.

Hring D’Antoni neither.

And then suddenly you realize Kobe Bryant has been in the league for over 15 years.


Kobe limping off the court vs. Golden State


Injuries at that point are bound to happen and when they do you realize what you’ve been blessed to look at.

A Legend

Every basketball fan had trouble keeping it together when Kobe gave that postgame interview. You saw hate, pain and love at the same time. Possibly the first time Kobe Bryant felt mortal in his entire career. A moment where he realized his career would be over some day. But not like this, not in the foreseeable future and certainly not now… And everyone watching that interview knew the same thing.

That’s why I keep thinking about Kobe and not Rose or James.

I have a history with him

I loved him, hated him and now I simply respect him

Because you cannot hate on greatness Here’s to you having a historic season Bean A Shaq Fan

NBA Season Preview ’13-’14 Part One: Rocketships & Chubbies

I had my doubts wriiting during the NBA Off-Season. But everything you hear during the Off-Season is based on rumors and gossip.

I don’t like reading that stuff and I advise to you, you don’t read it either…

So let’s start at the begin.



The biggest news this Off-Season was ofcourse the Rockets hauling in Dwight Howard.

Dwight himself, said that the main reason he chose Houston was Chandler Parsons. The story goes that Parsons texted and called him every minute of the day, convincing Dwight that the Rockets are one BIG piece away of doing something truly special.

Chandler Parsons is probably right.

James Harden enjoyed a terrific season last year. The only bump in the road came late at the end of the season where he seemed fatigued being the number one guy for 82+ games. I’m looking forward to seeing Harden take the next step into Superstardom or if he’ll be a bit more passive, trying to involve Dwight Howard in the offense. Time will tell.

Chandler Parsons isn’t only responsible for bringing in the big guy, he’s an all-around guy who effortlessly and efficiëntly puts up 15-8-5. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an All-Star if the Houston Rockets sit atop the Western Conference by February.

Another interesting development in Houston is the uprising of Patrick Beverly at back-up point guard. Jeremy Lin has to fight for his minutes this year, after having no real competition last year. This can only be a plus for the Rockets organisation. Further down the line they have an average mix of role players who’ll do just fine in the regular season. I do expect they’ll turn into a liability come Play-Off time.

Bed of Roses

Chicago Bulls fans rejoice! They probably feel like it’s their year… And they should!

Derrick Rose is finally back and he’s looking spry. Everyone can exhale now,. No more Rose-memes and no more seasonlong Adidas marketingvideo’s about ‘The Return’….

Almost the entire team came back with the notable exceptions of Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli. Those losses aren’t that hard to swallow after the signing of experienced swingman Mike Dunleavy. I expect him to fulfill the Belinelli role without any struggles. Taj Gibson looks like he’s coming for that starter spot, which is only going to ignite Carlos Boozer some more. The team is packed with energy guys who give their all, every single night.

The most important factor for the Bulls is health. Noah, Boozer, Rose and Deng need to stay healthy throughout the season to build synergy. The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have been around for three years and they’ve gelled like no other teams in the East. Even with Rose back at full strength, I still believe Indiana has a better chance to dethrone the Heat.

It’s up to the Bulls to prove me wrong.

Blue Collar Is The Color

Same team with more experience you’d say?

Not quite.

They brought in Luis Scola who can make sure the offense isn’t going to take a dip whenever David West or Roy Hibbert get a rest. His passing will create much needed space in a rigid Indiana offense. After a season full of injury, Danny Granger makes his return to the court. I expect his role to be minimalized, so Indiana can continue its pace of the past season. His offense is needed, his inefficiency at that end not.

Other acquisitions are Chris Copeland and Rasual Butler. Offensive roleplayers who’ll contribute during the season, but they’ll take a backseat during the real season.

Indiana’s continued problem still remains though. They don’t have a point guard. George Hill is a solid NBA player, but he’s no point guard that can provide the needed offensive organisation that Indiana lacks. His back-up, C.J. Watson, is the exact same story.

Like the Houston Rockets, it’ll be detrimental to the team’s success, if Paul George and Roy Hibbert can make the next big step into stardom. They’re both still young and they’re the main pillars of this franchise.

Hello Brooklyn, Bye Bye Manhattan

The other big story of the NBA Off-Season. Mikhail Prokhorov pulling of a major trade, transforming his franchise into a real contender for an NBA Championship.

When your starting five consists of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett & Brooke Lopez, you simply have too much experience to fail. Don’t point your finger at the Lakers of last year or the ’04 Lakers. The main difference with these guys is ego.

Pierce & Garnett are nearing the end of their careers and are ready for their last dance. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson NEVER reached a Conference Finals. Brooke Lopez is a young stud, who’s going to learn the equivalent of Gary Paytons knowledge on Trash Talking. This team will not fail, albeit injuries.

Then there’s their bench, which is outstanding. They signed Kirilenko for a bag of chips, Alan Anderson and Jason Terry as their scoring punch, Evans as the dirt guy, Livingston as an OK back-up for Williams AND a good pick in the draft with Mason Plumlee. If I’m a Eastern Conference Play-Off team, I’m scared.

“But, But, What about the Knicks?”

What about them?

They’ll probably get another MVP season from Carmelo Anthony, have a decent regular season and they’ll fail in the Play-Offs. The team is going nowhere. They lost their floor leader in Jason Kidd and they added career nuthead Metta World Peace, who can’t shoot, can’t move and can’t play defense anymore. I’m not even going to talk about Andrea Bargnani, who’s a professional basketball player and looks like this…



NBA Memoires: “Goodbye To My Heroes”

It al started with Shaq,

An athlete, an actor, a rapper, a physical specimen, larger than life who enjoyed life like a little kid.

Than I found someone to mimic my game after, Allen Iverson.

A big hearted warrior with average height, who dominated amongst the NBA’s trees.

After these guys made me fall in love with the game, I found my biggest joy playing the game was letting someone else score.

Jason Kidd.

I got older, being cool in school was a must in order to stand out and be popular. The word ‘Swag’ wasn’t around those days, but someone who personified it was.

Tracy McGrady.

Basketball was an integral part of my life now. It wasn’t just a hobby, it was a passion and something that pushed me to ignore all pain and injuries just to continue doing what I love doing. My first love, basketball, was the reason I was up and off the court for three years. But the love was and is unconditional, so even if basketball pushed my unto injury-road, I kept coming back and learnt not to give up, ever…

Grant Hill.

This is how, I say goodbye to my heroes

The NBA Hypothetical Play-Offs

It’s been a while since my last post. I know, I’m sorry, but I’m poor and I’m not so sure if my computer is any better than your average 70’s typewriter. I’m fully dependent on my sister’s laptop and she’s never around so… I’d be really happy if someone felt the need right now to send me a laptop.

Back on-topic, the NBA Play-Offs! Let’s be real here, we all want to know how everything would’ve went if D.Rose, Kobe, Russel were all healthy. Pick a random game to watch and you can point out a key player that’s out due to injury. So that’s my job today…behind my sister’s laptop, to give you an idea how the Play-Offs would’ve went with a 100% healthy NBA.


OKC-HOU 4-2 (4-1)

Russel Westbrook’s absence made something 100% clear. I was wrong. I was THAT guy complaining after last year’s Finals that Westbrook takes too many shots, has too many turnovers, etc and was holding Durant back. The loss of Westbrook causes periods of scoring droughts and lack of creativity. Durant is the second best player on the planet, but he lacks Westbrook’s (crazy) aggressiveness to be a killer that everybody fears.

LAC-MEM 2-4 (2-4)

I called it in other blogposts, the Clippers are posers while the Grizzlies are for real. LA has regular season players who put on a show every night, but when things get a little bit tougher, they disappear. The Grizzlies are the exact opposite. Gasol, Z-Bo, Conley are three guys that are NBA Play-Offs All-Stars without a doubt. The last couple of games of the series were a bit one-sided. I’d say without the injuries to Griffin & Billups, the games would’ve been closer, but the Grizz’ Grind is way too much for the Clippers to handle.

DEN-GSW 2-4 (2-4)

Denver was missing Danilo Gallinari, who could’ve been the offensive answer to the bombing of Stephen Curry (a lil’ bit). At the same time, imagine a Golden State Warrior team with a 100% healthy Bogut and David Lee. The injury to Lee was probably a blessing in disguise which forced Golden State Coach Mark Jackson to play an undersized line-up which gave the Nuggets serious problems. To be honest, even with two teams completely healthy, I’d expect Mark Jackson  to outcoach the reigning Coach of the Year again and win the series.

SAS – LAL 4-0 (4-1)

What was probably the ugliest Play-Off series in LA’s glorious history, would be very different with Mr. Kobe Bryant. Don’t forget the Lakers were riding with momentum into the Play-Offs until Kobe’s achilles blew up. I was convinced those Lakers could’ve won against the Spurs! I was probably wrong though… San Antonio is such a machine, they “execute you to death”. A healthy Lakers squad does not execute and they fail to win games because of themselves.

Even with a healthy star-studded starting five, they lack chemistry to really battle with the best NBA team of the last decade. Duncan would outclass Gasol & Howard, Parker would absolutely obliterate everyone on the Lakers’ roster and Ginobili has a free run to the basket. Yes, the Lakers roster is so hilariously bad on defense.

MIA – MIL 4-0 (4-0)

“Ummm…If Wade was healthier, we could’ve got more highlights or sumtin?”

BKN-CHI 3-4 (2-4)

Derrick Rose, Marco, Deng, Carlos Boozer, Joakim Noah. Yeeaah, Brooklyn wouldn’t underestimate those guys, which is what happened here. Brooklyn isn’t a bad team, but they lack experience and gritt AND great coaching. I think the series would split after two in Brooklyn, than the Bulls go up 3-1, the Nets win at home and the Bulls finish it off at home. Be sure to know, that Nate Robinson wouldn’t be current Nate Robinson. Current Nate Robinson needs a hella lotta shots to be THIS effective.

I know ‘hella lotta’ sounds bad, but so does “Nate Robinson is our no1 option on offense”.

IND-ATL 4-2 (4-2)

Weird series, ugly series, no one really cared. Not even ATL fans: Which is no one anyway, moving on…

NYK-BOS 4-2 (2-4)

Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, Bass, Garnett, Green, Sullinger, Terry & Lee would be the active rotation. If you watched the series, the Celtics’ only offensive threats were the high post for Pierce or the high pick’n roll with Pierce & Garnett. That’s not good. But in comparison to the Knicks: Iso-Melo & Iso-J.R. it was enough to make the Knicks sweat a little. I don’t know why, but the Knicks went away from their succesful regular season ball movement and million three balls per game and failed. Against a healthy Celtics team, I have no doubt in my mind NY would lose against this squad.



OKC-MEM 1-4 (4-3)

Kevin Durant put up epic stats in the second round until the last game. The Memphis Grizzlies used T.Allen and Tayshaun Prince on Durant, what couldn’t be possible if the Thunder had Russel Westbrook. Speaking of which, he would be the one to put Gasol & Z-Bo on the bench with foul trouble because of his penetration ability AND Mike Conley wouldn’t have had the series he had against Russ. I went from full-on hater to Westbrook-lover in ONE series, there goes my credibility I guess… Another important thing I can’t overlook is the amount of pressure on Kevin Martin after Russ went down. They needed a lot more offensive from Martin, which caused him to force things he’s not used to.

I do have doubts with this outcome though, because with or without Russ, Kendrick Perkins would still be a member of the Oklahoma City Thunder. You know, that guy who has the worst +/- stat of all-time and looks like he’s been constipated since his Celtic green days.

GSW-SAS 2-4 (3-4)

You could tell Steph was really hurt after he turnt his ankle. If that injury didn’t happen, I’d predict one hell of a performance in game six from him in front of the best home crowd in the NBA. Let’s be honest here, we all had a collective “Ooowwh” when we heard Golden State was eliminated from the Play-Offs.

And… Mark Jackson man!

MIA-CHI 4-1 (4-2)

This would mark the first time in D-Wade’s career he would be able to play his hometown healthy and a healthy Big Three is unstoppable. Quite simple… A healthy Chicago wouldn’t have the momentum that banged-up Chicago had, which was their driving force throughout their epic run. The series would’ve been a must-watch in terms of physicality and hard fouls, these two teams REALLY don’t like each other. This series is going to be something next year!

Remember game 5 in 2011?

IND-BOS (3-4)

That means Boston would win in Indiana. Yes, I can see that happening and so should you. Like the Memphis players, Boston’s Big Three blossom during the Play-Offs. It seems like every year Pierce turns into a First All NBA Team-er in the Play-Offs. Boston’s filled with winners and the Pacers would lose because George isn’t quite ready to be THAT guy in the clutch when his team needs him. It would mark Boston’s last great run though…


OKC-SAS (4-3)

Maybe my romantic soul takes over, but I’d expect a classic series. The Spurs would be out for revenge and OKC’s duo would destroy every match-up. I picked OKC just because of their offensive capabilities and I’d expect the Spurs to show a little fatigue throughout a seven-game series.

MIA-BOS (4-2)

The difference between East & West becomes very clear. The West delivers clean, intense basketball and the Eastern Conference isn’t shy to get their hands dirty. Miami and Boston act respectful the first two games, but things get personal after a Miami blowout because some Miami Star with an extravert sense of fashion says the Celtics are old and done. The Celtics come out aggresive and set a new tone for the series. The following games look more like the NFL and Ray Allen suffers a severe bone bruise after an illegal Garnett screen. You get the feeling the Celtics can’t hang with the Heat, but because of their toughness and effective old-man game, Miami has to squeeze everything out of the tank to win the series. After the final buzzer, both teams show great respect to each other. In case you didn’t know, I just described the ’11 series between Boston and Miami…except for the Allen-Garnett altercation.


MIA-OKC (4-2)

Kevin Martin does a better job than James Harden in the Finals, but the difference between Lebron & Durant becomes, again, very clear. Miami dumps the ball to Wade & Lebron in the post, while Bosh abuses Perkins off the dribble from the high post. The Miami Heat roleplayers, again, steal the show in the close-out game. It becomes obvious Durant needs some extra pounds and a postgame to compete with Lebron James. AND Kendrick Perkins sucks, again.

What Happened To: Ep.3 Kareem Rush

You don’t know Kareem Rush? Ask a Minnesota Timberwolves fan!

In the ’03-’04 season, the Lakers assembled a Hall of Fame team that included Shaq, Kobe, Malone and Gary Payton. Because of this stacked starting five, the rest of their roster wasn’t that jaw-dropping. During the regular season Rush made a name for himself mainly because of his outside shooting. Even during his college career, his automatic jumper and ability to create of the dribble was his greatest strength.

The highlight of his career, happened during Game 6 of the Western Conference Finals against the Garnett-led Minnesota Timberwolves. Rush hit 6 of 7 threepointers and sealed the Lakers’ trip to the NBA Finals.

As everybody knows, the Detroit Pistons won that year, putting an end to the Kobe-Shaq era. Shaq was traded to Miami and the Lakers went from a dynasty to a borderline playoff team.

Kareem Rush was traded to the Charlotte Bobcats and got a bigger role. Adapting to his increased minutes and bigger defensive attention from opposing teams, he looked like a great NBA player with an ability to create off the dribble. He managed to improve as the season went on, but his season was cut short because of a MCL strain.

Injuries kept him off the court in later years and he failed to get major attention from NBA GM’s. He went overseas to play in Lithuania and won everything there. Confident about his latest performances, he managed to sign with the Indiana Pacers, Philadelphia 76ers and LA Clippers. An ACL tear, caused him to pursue a R&B career.

He planned on making an NBA comeback. Signing with the Lakers’ D-League team, the D-Fenders. I guess it didn’t pan out, because I can’t find him on any roster in the D-League. I’ll always remember Rush for his Game 6 performance and the overall smoothness on his jumper. He’s currently working out to attempt another NBA comeback, I’ll certainly root for him because his jumper’s a thing of beauty.

The Lakers could’ve used him in the Play-Offs with their crippled backcourt…


Crippled NBA Playoffs Provide Hollywood Storylines

Arriving late to the blogging play-off party, I know.

I can’t get past the fact the NBA Play-Offs are probably at an all-time low with starpower. Whoever wins the Championship this year, people are going to point out the injuries to star players, the depleted teams they had to face, etc. And besides the injurybug, there are teams in the Play-Offs that simply aren’t interesting… I’ll get to that later!


But like every year, players step up, emotions arise and intensity picks up. Home crowds gear up and fan up to scream their respective teams to victory which causes players to reach levels beyond their original potential. Sometimes we forget, but the ones we call ‘scrubs’ are world class athletes too and as last night showed, they’re more than able to provide us Classic Play-Off Basketball.

Team > Star

That’s basically what the Chicago Bulls are proving right now. Toughness, grit, passion and a never-quit attitude make this team one of the more memorable of the past years. With all the attention going to Derrick Rose whether he’ll return or not, the attention should’ve gone to coach Thibs, Boozer’s resurgence, Noah’s big heart and Nate’s maturity.

I picked Brooklyn, without a doubt. The Chicago Bulls are sometimes painfully to watch on ‘O’, but in the Eastern Conference, they’re certainly not alone. Their 48minutes of intensity shook the Brooklyn Nets and somehow, some way, they use that energy to survive offensively.

We all knew Nate could score in bunches, but what he did last night was without a doubt the performance of this years Play-Offs. If they manage to close out this series, they’ll give the Miami Heat a physical series where they’ll get their first real test.

“Tired of being second”

Only days after this was released, we heard about Russel Westbrook being out for the Play-Offs with a torn meniscus. Can it get more Hollywood than this? Kevin Durant responded, pouring in 41 points reassuring his status as the second best player in the NBA. He gets the ultimate green light for the Oklahoma City Thunder to carry his team through the Western Conference with the experienced San Antonio Spurs looking for revenge. Finally, if he passes that test? The ultimate boss fight with King James in the Finals for that number one spot he’s looking for his entire career. This Play-Off run will be a big chapter in Durant’s career.

Stephen Curry’s Tour of Revenge continues…

Stephen Curry didn’t get voted to the All-Star Game, I was pissed off about it. Nowadays, I’m so happy he didn’t make it! Ever since the All-Star break, this dude made it a personal mission to destroy everyone he went against. The bigger the stage, the bigger the performance. MSG? I’mma just drop 50+. Staples Center? How about 25+ in the first quarter. Play-Offs? How about I make them think I’m a choker for 47 minutes and then start my never-before-seen shooting antics.

With the injury to David Lee, the Warriors upped their intensity level another notch. Every game of this series is a must-watch. The intensity is over the top which causes players to be extremely fatigued at the end of games. Because of their epic home crowds both teams find ways to keep sprinting a full 48 minutes, making exhaustion look like a mere state of mind.

If you thought Kobe was impressive this season…

Then Tim Duncan laughs at your mainstream fanface.


You could say the Lakers are crippled, but remind yourself Duncan is playing against Gasol & Howard. The two remaining stars for ‘that other team in LA’. Tim Duncan looks as spry as ever, producing career numbers in limited minutes. I picked him for DPOY and I’d pick him again. This guy is 37 and he’s the defensive anchor for the third best team in the league.

If you’re THAT guy who says the Spurs are boring, then please walk to a nearby bridge and jump. Tony Parker’s ability to finish at the rim is unreal, Manu is pure magic, Timmy’s offensive is a walking manual for every big guy and Kawhi is Bruce Bowen, but just better in every way.

Gritty Grizz vs. Lob City

Besides this being the second best series in the NBA Play-Offs, people are underestimating how much the outcome of this series will have an effect on Chris Paul resigning or not. Like last year, the Clippers were a great show during the regular season, but during the Play-Offs Blake & DeAndre weren’t a factor. Aaand it’s looking like the series will be an exact copy of last year.

Blake isn’t that good as the highlights may show, DeAndre is a glorified Harlem Globetrotter, CP3 was nowhere to be found in game 3 and Jamal Crawford is slowly turning back into Amal Crawfull. While the Grizzlies, I believe, are built for the Play-Offs. Z-Bo is a legit number one option and they have stretches during games, where their defense is awe-inspiring.

New York Knuckleheads

One of the most talented teams in the league without a doubt, with a franchise player who’s tired of his lack of succes. That sounds like a dangerous team and actually, that’s what they are. But they’re bipolar, just like their best player. Sometimes we see Carmelo, the unstoppable scorer. Other times it’s Anthony going for 30 in the flow of the game, being a great teammate and playing intense defense. At last we have ‘Melo jabsteppin’ for 8 seconds at the left wing while his teammates are being reduced to spectators.

If New York gets Carmelo Anthony, they’ll give the Miami Heat a serious run for the Eastern Conference Crown. If the Knicks get ‘Melo, they’ll barely get past Indiana and they’ll get the gentleman sweep against the Heat.

The Ugly Ducklings

What are the odds to read this title on this website?

Boston Celtics: A team without a ball handler and two legit offensive plays. A highpost iso for Paul Pierce on top and a Paul Pierce pick and roll with Kevin Garnett. FYI: There were Boston fans thinking Jason Terry was an upgrade for Ray Allen.

Indiana Pacers: David West is my number one on the “Players I don’t want to mess with”-list. The Pacers can’t score and they’ll fight anytime and anywhere. Their hunger for shoving matches are a bit over the top.

Atlanta Hawks: Watch Game 1 & Game 2… Do they even give a crap? Do they even sweat? Seriously wtf

Los Angeles Lakers: Going to the Staples Center cheering for the Lakers is like going to a bullfight in Spain trying to cheer for the helpless bull.

Milwaukee Bucks: The Miami Heat = a bored cat , The Milwaukee Bucks = a blind mouse with a broken leg suffering from Parkinsons

Handing Out Hardware: Nickels 4 Dimes-style

The regular season has ended, so as a blogger, I’m obliged to give you my opinion who wins what. But let’s be honest here, a lot of the awards are set in stone, so I’m going to create some other categories just to make it a tad more interesting.

MVP: LeBron James

That’s your MVP right there people!

With one title on his resumé, the hate has cooled down. Lebron finds himself playing loose with the highest expectations coming from himself. He has exceeded the biggest hype ever brought upon a high school athlete and he looks like a good time to hang out with. He doesn’t need the trashtalk of a Kevin Garnett, he doesn’t need to be superserious all the time like Kobe Bryant, he doesn’t need to be a super asshole like Michael Jordan. He just plays the game how it’s supposed to be played. If you just look at his on court performances, he’s unhateable. If you look at his improvements every season, it’s a safe thing to say he’s one of the hardest workers the game has ever seen.

Lebron won every player of the month award of the year, except in April. Why? Because he dominated the league so hard, he didn’t even had to play in April. Say thanks Carmelo. It’ll be interesting if Lebron will continue his amazing year-by-year improvements next year. Because Lebron is so out of this world, I’ll only be pleased if he hits averages of 28 ppg, 8 apg, 8rpg, 1blk, 2 stls on 59FG%, 40 3FG% and 85 FT% and the Heat break 70 wins. The only question that remains is if Lebron could win this award unanimously?

My dad’s answer when asked who’s the MVP this year: “Are you stupid?”

As an ode to Lebron’s MVP Season, I got a surprise at the end of the article!

Rookie of the Year: Damian Lillard

No doubt about this choice! Sadly, the Portland Trail Blazers are out West. I’d love to see a fearless player like Lillard go all out in the Play-Offs. Like the MVP, this award could be unanymous. Lillard had some spectacular games in his rookie campaign. With the addition of Eric Maynor, Lillard played some more minutes at the off guard position. It’ll be fun watching how Maynor & Lillard continue to improve their chemistry next season.

My dad’s answer: “I’m too old to know something about rookies”

Defensive Player of the Year: Tim Duncan

Timmy still got hops late in the season!

Some might say Roy Hibbert because Indiana is the best defensive team in the East. I disagree, the Pacers have a full roster with defensive minded players, that causes to inflate Hibbert’s advanced defensive stats. Tim Duncan however in his billionth season, reached career best tying stats in limited minutes, while anchoring the Spurs to a number two spot in the Western Conference. Mr. Duncan is due for a Defensive Player of the Year award. It would be a scandal if Tyson Chandler and Marcus Camby had this award and Duncan wouldn’t.

My dad’s answer: Javale McGee (I guess for the lolz)

6th Man of the Year: J.R. Smith

With New York battling injuries all season, J.R. stepped up big coming off the bench. Still a bit reckless at times, Smith plays with a lot more demeanor when he’s on the floor. He’s more reliable in the clutch and his offensive talents have reached a high point in his career. He’s able to make any shot at any moment. If Smith keeps up his play in the play-offs, the Knicks could provide a real test vs. Miami.

My dad’s answer: “They give awards to bench players?”

Most Improved Player: Jrue Holiday

Jrue gave us a sneak peak at his abilities in last years play-offs. This season he elevated his game to All-Star level going from 13, 4 & 3 to 19, 8 & 4 while upping his FG% by 2 percent. Sadly, the improvement didn’t translate to play-off succes.

Coach of the Year: George Karl

Yeah, that’s Karl!

Running a collection of role players to the number three spot in the Western Conference, while enduring injuries to your key players. Kudos to the man who beat cancer!

My dad’s answer: Coach Spo will get it, but George Karl deserves it.




Dunk of the Year: DeAndre on Knight

The dunk that exploded on Twitter. The dunk that started off a flurry of internet memes, Deandre wins this one even though Lebron tried to kill a certain Jason Terry too. The reaction by Brandon Knight on Twitter was hilarious too…

Assist of the Year: Goran Dragic

When the student becomes the master and when the master really likes it too…

The reaction by Nash afterwards says it all

Performance of the Year: Steph Curry

Stephen Curry is something we’ve never seen before. His ability to shoot it from the dribble is insane. He has 200 triples more than Ray Allen over their first 250 career games. He’s on his way to shatter every shooting record in existence. It’ll be the last time he’ll get snubbed as an All-Star that’s for sure!

Free Agent Signing of the Year: Chris Andersen

  • Since the signing of Birdman, the Heat have only lost three games.
  • The Lebron-Birdman pick’n roll has looked lethal.
  • Opposed to Joel Anthony, Andersen catches the ball
  • His conditioning is rapidly improving
  • He looks like a great chemistry guy in the locker room
  • Birdman-Mike Miller reality tv show should be epic
  • Potential championship celebration arm flapping should be epic too
  • PA-KAAH!

Drama of the Year: Kobe Bryant

The greatest player of my generation going down after giving it his all in his 17th season just to make the play-off was painfull to see. Kobe tearing up at the free throw line will probably be engraved in my memory forever. To show up after the game and still give an interview while his moral was broken is another testament to how strong this guy really is. It’s hard not to tear up when you watch this interview…I’ve loved him, I’ve hated him but I will always respect him. Say what you want about him, he is the ultimate warrior.

Tweet of the Year: J.R. Smith

You could make the case for Brandon Knight’s tweet after the Deandre Jordan dunk, but J.R. wins this by a landslide really. If you didn’t know, Kris Humphries plays for Brooklyn and was married to Kim Kardashian for a really short stretch. The latest Kim K victim is Kanye West…

Flop of the Year: Battle of ‘the Chris’

It’s the undisputed champ Chris Paul with a floptart VS. the shameless Chris Bosh snipeshot. Tell me who wins…


Interview of the Year: Metta World Peace

World Peace on painkillers = epic interview

Best Trend: Chris Bosh

Every year there seems to be a trend in the NBA. Allen Iverson rocking the braids and the shooting sleeve way back, Dancing the Dougie, Rocking glasses without glasses and so on… This year, Chris Bosh started a trend by videobombing interviews and the entire world of basketball followed his lead.

Best Dressed as a Tirol-er: Russel Westbrook

“Huge shoutout for my Austrian-fans”

Seriously, wtf bro?

Troll Face Bonusmaterial

I already got Kobe on the Fashion Fail blogpost, time to get at Lebron!

What Happened To: Ep.2 Michael Beasley

After signing a lucrative deal in Phoenix and a promised starting role, it seemed Michael Beasley was on his way to have a break-out season this year. Game after game, he wasn’t able to produce at an efficient level, which caused then-head coach Alvin Gentry to demote him to a bench player.

Michael Beasley is running out of opportunity

Michael Beasley is running out of opportunity

Let’s take a look back…

The future seemed bright for Michael Beasley coming out of college. The Kansas State-star had a freshman record-breaking year, including the freshman double-double record held by Carmelo Anthony. He averaged 26 points and a nation-leading 12,4 rebounds a game, while shooting 53% from the field. The dilemma at that time was picking Beasley or D-Rose as the number one pick…

The hype was real

The hype was real

The Miami Heat franchise rejoiced by picking Michael Beasley as the number two pick, but the first disappointment wasn’t too far off. Beasley was listed as 6’10 (2m08) but the NBA measured him in at 6’8 (2m03), which is quite a difference at the power forward spot. Rookie coach Spoelstra had to decide to use him as a PF or SF.

Beasley certified himself as a presence from the get-go scoring in double figures in his first nine out of ten games. Though in comparison to Derrick Rose, he came up short with his modest rookie averages. After the Heat’s brief Play-Off run, it was reported he violated the team’s policy numerous times. As did fellow rookie Mario Chalmers…

Mind the weed bag in the bottom right corner

Mind the weed bag in the bottom right corner

Normally, NBA players make ‘the jump’ in their sophomore season. Michael Beasley got the starting job over Udonis Haslem, but didn’t really confirm his starter status. “B-Easy” wasn’t the most consistent player, showing glimpses of greatness one night and disappearing other nights. When Miami became a player on the Free Agent market, Beasley had to go so the Heat could sign Mike Miller.

Former Miami teammates and Coach Spo absolutely loved Michael as a teammate and Heat fans were a tad bit sad to see Beasley go. Even though they got Lebron in return.

Playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Beasley showed great promise for the future. Playing through multiple injuries he averaged 19 points a game. He seemed like the go-to player Minnesota needed. Doc Rivers praised his scoring ability before a game.

“Offensively, I’ve been a big believer in him, I just think he can score. I said it two years ago: I think one day he may lead the league in scoring. He just knows how to score the ball. He has a Carmelo ability to score the ball.” – Doc Rivers on Michael Beasley.

When Minnesota brought in Rick Adelman, Beasley’s lack of basketball IQ and defensive mindset became painfully noticeable. Adelman is famous for running an offense which requires some sort of understanding of a ‘team game’. Beasley thrived the season before by getting his isolation opportunities. Pouring in the occasional twenty points, Beasley’s role diminished with every game. To make matters worse, he suffered a lingering foot injury which held him back. Adelman looked at Beasley as a ball-stopper and there wasn’t any room for Mike in the Wolves’ future plans.

During his first season with Phoenix, Beasley is still searching for consistency. He follows up twenty point games with a 1/11 FG game. I, personally don’t know what the future brings for Michael Beasley. Looking at current head coach Hunter’s reaction, it’s not that bright…

Dirk or Kobe?

The NBA Play-Offs are inching closer and as always, storylines are unfolding in the Wild West. What makes it that much more interesting this year, is the fact that perennial championship contenders with their aging superstars, are now fighting to prolong their season. Of course I’m talking about the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers who are about to battle eachother tonight. To complete the list of potential Play-Off candidates, the Utah Jazz are also in the running.

Utah (7 games: 3 Away & 4 Home)

Denver, New Orleans, @Golden State, OKC, Minnesota, @Minnesota, @Memphis

The Utah Jazz are the youngest team of the bunch, but they may have the easiest remaining schedule. With the least amount of games to be played, Utah is riding a five-game winning streak and are the statistic favorites to make the play-offs. In my opinion, Utah would be the weakest team in the Western Conference Play-Offs. I’d rather see Dirk or Kobe play in the play-offs, just because of their massive ‘going-into-GOD-mode’-potential. Whatever may happen, it’ll be interesting what the Jazz will do during the off-season with their current log-jam at the center/power forward spot.

Dallas (9 games: 5 Away & 4 Home)

@Lakers, @Denver, @Sacramento, @Portland, Phoenix, Denver, @New Orleans, Memphis, New Orleans

Dallas couldn’t rely on the services of their franchise player Dirk Nowitzki early in the season, which caused a slow start. When Dirk made his return, he didn’t look like the Nowitzki of old. He needed a lot of time to get into playing shape, which gave OJ Mayo and Brandon Wright the opportunity to come into their own. Now, with Dirk back at full force, it looks like the Mavs could be a real threat to cause an upset in the first round of the NBA Play-Offs.

Even though the Mavs are making a true push, Dallas is severly lacking a point guard. Darren Collison is too much of a loose canon and Mike James is too me-first to feed Dirk and Mayo. The consistent all-around and efficient play of Vince Carter has been a huge plus. The 36 year-old former superstar is thriving in his 6th man role. That’s why I’m pleeding for a line-up that includes VC and Mayo in the backcourt to close out games. @RickCarlisle

Dallas has a lot of games on the road, but playing New Orleans twice at the end of the season could be beneficial for their play-off chances.

LA Lakers (8 games: 2 Away &  6 Home)

Dallas, Memphis, @Clippers, New Orleans, @Portland, Golden State, San Antonio, Houston

Nobody could see this coming. A line-up of Nash, Kobe, MWP, Gasol & Howard fighting for their play-off ticket. Yes, they endured an endless list of injuries, but it’s LA and they’ve got expectations to meet. Even if LA makes the play-offs, Kobe hasn’t quite figured it out to play with Nash, Pau AND Dwight at the same time. Kobe can go into Magic-mode or Wilt-mode but it seems Kobe doesn’t has a gear that feautures the best of both. D’Antoni as the coach remains a huge mistake in my book.

This team needs defense badly and we all know what D’Antoni thinks about defense. To MDA’s defense, the roster isn’t quite filled with defensive monsters.

Nash was never able to guard anybody, Kobe only played defense during the All-Star game, MWP is probably done for the season, Gasol is average and Jamison is even worse than Nash. The only guys who play defense are Dwight and Clark. (Meeks’ is kinda ok…)

Their last three games will be crucial for their play-off chances.

I honestly don’t know who to root for… Nevertheless, expect epic proportions of  intensity from Dirk and Kobe. It might be one of our last chances to watch two future Hall Of Famers go at it on the NBA’s biggest stage, the Play-Offs

Started From The Bottom… Now I’m Back

NBA players! A lot of them have to overcome poverty and a lifestyle based on a minimum of luxury. It’s not a surprise when those guys gets multimillion dollar deals, they don’t have any clue how to manage these sums of money.

The NBA is aware of this problem, roughly sixty percent of NBA players file for bankruptcy after five years of their retirement. That’s why the NBA installed a Rookie program to teach young players how to handle themselves and their money. This program has helped a lot of young players. Still, there are players who have to support their family and friends.

When a guy wins the lottery a lot of these so-called friends expect to live large too, leeching off of their NBA buddies. Those are the sad stories of the NBA. Here are other players who are to blame…and those who got ‘robbed’ by their friends.

Jason Caffey


Caffey made an approximately 35 million dollars in his NBA career. You should think that’s enough money to buy a condom once in a while. This dude has ten kids with eight women and failed to support his kids, which made him file for bankruptcy.

Kenny Anderson

 Anderson had a succesful NBA career, racking up 63 million in his 14 years in the league. He wasn’t as fertile as Jason Caffey, he ‘only’ had 7 children with 5 women. Kenny had to pay 40,000 dollars a month of child allowance. He went broke and he was forced to get his college degree. Kudos to Anderson because he succeeded and he’s trying to turn his life around.

Derrick Coleman

Watch him slam it on Shaq !!

One hell of a talent, but never really lived up to his expectations. Nevertheless, he had a solid career. Coleman tried to do something with his 87 million dollars by trying to invest in real estate. He tried to upgrade a Detroit area, so actually Derrick was trying to do something in his community. The economic recession hit Detroit hard and all of his investments went down the drain.

Antoine Walker

 Walker earned 110 million dollars over his career and lived large. The problem here were his so-called friends. He supported 70  friends/relatives and his entourage always flew first class and stayed at five star hotels. Walker always paid every check and before he even knew, his bank account was empty. He was framed by one of his friends when he gave him a large amount of money to upgrade a living area in his hometown Chicago. Because of his financial problems, he was forced to play in a foreign basketball league.

 Scottie Pippen

Pippen tried to be a businessman but failed miserably. To give you an idea about his instincts: He bought a 4 million dollar private jet that didn’t work. He later had to spend another million dollar to make sure the jet worked.

Latrell Sprewell

 We all know Latrell turning down a three-year 21 million dollar deal, because he said the famous words “I got a family to feed”. It looks like he better accepted the deal. Outside of the fact he never played in the NBA again, he had to sell his Milwaukee house and his yacht for half of the original price.

Allen Iverson

 What a career! But unfortunately it didn’t have a storybook ending. Not so long ago a court judge ordered Allen to pay over 800,000 dollars to a jeweler. We all know A.I. loved bling bling, but not to the point he’d go broke over it.

According to, Allen Iverson made 154,494,445 dollar over his brilliant career. Seemingly he’s under the 800k right now.

Iverson was traded away from Philly and the focus shifted from his on-court brilliance to his off-court bagage. The ego, the domestic turmoil, the arguments with coaches and his love-hate relation with practice. 

 He never had a problem with conditioning, ‘The Answer’ always was the quickest guy on the court for 48 minutes. But speed doesn’t last through age and when signs of decline hit him, it him hard. He didn’t went all Vino like Kobe Bryant, instead he bickered about playing time and his reduced role. In no time, the 6 foot guard out of Georgetown was out the league.

His lifestyle remained though. His entourage was simply nuts. Every home game he bought around fifty game tickets, most of them for his hometown buddies from the Virginia area. His barber traveled with him and worked his hair two to three times a week. And of course, every single one of his friends was blinged out wearing diamonds all over.

Allen once said he owed every one of them because they were the ones that kept him alive when he was younger. Now it seems, they’re the reason Iverson is looking at a lot of debts.

9 Ways To Improve The NBA

I love basketball. I love the NBA. I think NBA players are the world’s greatest athletes. But the NBA still has room to improve. These are my suggestions to make the NBA a better and more appealing league.

1. Blocking/Charge Call

They should ban the restricted area, ban the blocking call under the basket. If it isn’t a charge, let them play. Why? Because the refs can’t consistently make that call. Even when watched in replay, those plays remain a 50-50 call. It slows down the game and it kills momentum for both teams. AND…We wouldn’t have to see Joey Crawford gettin’ busy anymore

2. Double Technicals

You know what I mean: The referee sees two players bickering and gives a double technical, because he’s not sure who got the argument going. If you’re not sure, why call it anyway? In case the situation got out of hand, use the monitor and see who started it. Give the technical to the a-hole who deserves it. In case of doubt, just give it to Kevin Garnett. You know I’m right.

3. TV Time-outs

A basketball game isn’t supposed to last three hours. Every four years, we get treated to fluid, uncommercialized basketball during the Olympics and we’re reminded how good that feels. Although it’d be nice if the NBA scratched tv timeouts, the likeliness is 0. Money rules everything.

4. Technical Free Throw

I stole this idea watching an ABC broadcast where Jeff Van Gundy said it. This rule would speed up the game if opposing teams were just awarded one point when someone gets a technical foul, that means scratching the freethrows. The best freethrow shooters (85-90 FT%) take those free throws anyway. The points would be awarded to the team’s captain. Same goes for Illegal Defense Technicals.

5. Taunting

Remember when players used to dunk on someone and stared him down? Because of a couple of clowns who overacted, it was banned. I think it’s time to bring it back, because it gives the game a bigger emotional dimension. Although I have to say, when I watch those BallIsLife highlights, there’s too many young players thinking they’re THE man after a big dunk. That isn’t ‘swag’, that’s ‘douchebag’. Everybody remembers Shawn Kemp pointing right?

6. Superstar Calls

We all know they exist! The sad part is, those guys don’t need it. Over the course of a 10 year playing career, some of the NBA’s brightest stars expect calls to go their way. That’s something that needs to go, because it hurts the credibility of the game.

7. All-Star Game

With this years All-Star snubs, forget the EAST vs WEST thing, here’s my take on it:

  1. Let the fans vote for the starters
  2. Player  most votes: Captain of team Blue | Player 2nd most votes: Captain of team Red
  3. 3rd most votes goes to Blue, 4th to red, and so on…
  4. Reserves get chosen by the coaches and uses the same system as for the Starters
  5. Winner of the game gets cash to donate to charity of choice

8. Small Market – Big Market teams

The salary cap in the NBA is a great thing and should be adopted by every sport in every country, because it’s fair. There’s still room to improve though! As of right now, big market teams get more revenue because of bigger tv deals (i.e.: Lakers get $ 200,000,000 for their television deal with Time Warner, so they don’t care about going over the salary cap). The NBA should make the salary cap more strict, without the many exceptions. Simply don’t allow teams to go over a certain amount. That way, teams in smaller markets will get a better opportunity to compete for a championship.

9. Guaranteed Contracts

How many times have we seen a player produce exceptionally well in a contract year and the year thereafter fall into oblivion? Non-guaranteed contracts would put a stop to these lazy players. I think a maximum length of only 3 years instead of 6 years would do the trick.

So vote Nick for Commissioner of the NBA!

NBA Memoires: “Bryant…to Shaq!”

After I missed out on the historic Slam Dunk Contest in February, I started to watch NBA games on the test channel. My parents thought I was the most pathetic thing ever and decided to get ‘Canal+’. A package of channels which included two NBA games a week. After things got set up, I was ready to follow my favourite player, Shaq, begin his quest to his first NBA championship. First opponent? The Sacramento Kings. So my first ever Live game was game 1 between Los Angeles and Sacramento.

I have to admit, I don’t recollect everything about the Kings’ series or the Suns’ series. I do know, Kobe was spectacular against the Suns. He was no doubt the MVP that series, shutting down Jason Kidd and being highly efficient on the offensive end. Even the Portland series, I don’t remember a whole lot. “Why are you even writing this?” Well, because that Game 7 is engraved in my memory. The entire game Shaq was struggling from the field, not being his dominant self. When his little jumphook from the right block wasn’t going down, I knew we were in trouble. None of the Lakers could hit an outside shot too, I was hurting! Only young ‘Frobe’ was playing up to his standards. Portland was simply dominating, things went easy (in hindsight, maybe a little bit too easy). I remember Sheed destroying Horace Grant and Steve Smith just being a gunner from downtown.

The Blazers were all over Shaq.

I was sitting in the couch, absolutely in disbelief. The Lakers had a commanding 3-1 lead, the Blazers got back to tie it, but really no one believed the Blazers could upset the Lakers in Staples Center to win the Western Conference. I was one of those people. After a timeout, the whole demeanour changed. A sense of urgency was clearly noticeable amongst the Lakers’ vets. I’m talking Brian Shaw, Glen Rice and Robert Horry. Bryant went into overdrive on the defensive end, highlighted by a monster block that would shift the momentum in LA’s favour.

Shaw and Fisher each hit big shots to erase the Blazers’ lead completely. A Kobe jumper and a pair of free throws put the Lakers up by 4. Portland experienced a major letdown in the fourth and managed only 8 points. Staples Center was buzzing like crazy and I felt like a bad fan, because I already had lost hope at the start of the fourth quarter. My heart was pounding as I sat quietly in my couch. Then this happened…

I went from practically braindead to apesh*t in a second. Jumping up and down, I don’t even remember if I actually watched those last seconds or not. I just kept celebrating, who cares! Keep in mind people, I was only 11 years old and this was possibly my 6th NBA game I watched in my life!

Reminiscing about it now… It still gives me chills. Good times!

Chris Bosh: Boss of the Videobomb

Did you know the Miami Heat have a big three? Like Lebron, Wade and another superstar. Did you know that guy earns the most money out of those three? It’s Chris Bosh and I absolutely love him.

He’s the guy who sacrificed his 20 ppg and 10 rpg to play for a championship contender. He’s the one who gets called gay, soft, underachieving, etc. without complaining. He gets the least of field goal attempts, but keeps playing in the system, he’s simply a pro’s pro… Except when there’s a camera.

Chris Bosh has found a way to get in the limelight anyway, by videobombing Lebron & Wade over and over again. Here are the top videobombs by Chris Bosh!

At 0:14

The classic and simple “Chris Bosh strut and stop bomb”

At 1:54

Probably the GOAT-bomb, I call this the “Bosh Pop-Out”

Keep it simple, here’s a simple and efficient way to videobomb. Bosh makes it look easy with his God-given goofy face.

At 2:03

The creepy pedophile look

After their Harlem Shake video, Chris Bosh raised his videobomb level by incorporating some dance moves. Dwyane Wade approves.

Because they’re bored of winning, it seems now Miami is planning their videobombs before the game even starts.

LBJ getting back at Bosh!

If you wondered, Chris Bosh does pictures too…

At the All-Star Game


At the White House


What’s your favorite?

Derrick Rose 2.0 or “Remember when Rose used to…” ?

As the return by Derrick Rose comes closer, questions arise whether Rose will be the player he was before the injury. Will he have lost his athleticism and turn into a shooter or will he show the world he’s as explosive as ever? Time will tell… or is it possible history could tell us what to expect?

The Chicago Bulls had just finished another great regular season and they were destined to clash with the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference crown. With Derrick Rose as their clear-cut leader, the Bulls faced the up-and-coming Philadelphia 76ers. The Bulls took control from the get-go in game 1 but their victory was overshadowed by the late-game injury that hit Derrick Rose. Landing awkwardly after a lay-up attempt, Rose laid on the floor grimacing in pain. He had to be escorted off the court, while the entire city of Chicago was holding their collective breath.


Torn ACL. The two most feared words when awaiting the doctors opinion. The Bulls’ moral was shattered as they got beat by Philly in five. A season without Rose was waiting for Chicago. Soon, talks started how the Bulls should tank the season, trying to get a high lottery pick. Looking at their record right now, it’s clear Chicago wasn’t a one-man team. Even after losing serviceable role-players like Kyle Korver, C.J. Watson & Omer Asik, the Bulls are currently in the play-off picture and are one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. Kudos to coach Tom Thibodeau!

Now the discussion arises whether or not Derrick Rose should come back or not. He already was given the green light from his doctors to play, but he’s waiting until he gains full confidence in his leaping abilities.


And that’s what this article is all about, will Derrick Rose be the same explosive, high flying player that dazzled fans with his reckless driving playstyle. Players like Chris Webber, Amare Stoudemire, Jason Kidd, all had a torn ACL and came back with noticeable declined athletic ability.

Other players like Al Jefferson, Ricky Rubio and Jamal Crawford came back stronger than ever. The only thing people should realize is that those things take time. Kyle Lowry and Baron Davis each had torn ACL’s in their collegiate careers and still managed to not let that interrupt their brilliance.

Davis could sky back in the day

Davis could sky back in the day

Right before the injury, Derrick Rose signed one hell of a lifetime deal with Adidas for $250 million dollars. Adidas didn’t let this year go to waist marketing-wise as they turned Derrick Rose rehab-story into a mini-series on Youtube. They called it #TheReturn. Such series are always interesting, because they give you a true behind-the-scenes look.

Chicago fans should focus on the positive effects of an ACL injury. There IS something positive about it.

Nene had a career average of 23.8 percent from the mid-range area. After his rehab, he upped his percentage to 41 percent. Jason Smith had a similar change, going from 36 percent to shooting over 50 percent from mid-range. WSJ looked at all the players who sustained an ACL injury since 2003, their jumpshot improvement goes up with an average of 4%, which is significant. To factor out the natural improvement which comes with age, only players older than 26 were used in the study.

Talks about Rose were mostly about his jumpshot improving in his MVP season. When he’ll make his comeback is not sure, but he’ll probably have improved his jumpshot even more. He did a lot of stationary shooting during his rehab, because that’s the only thing he could do. Like playing shooting games with fans…


Just in case you didn’t know, that’s Kobe’s new nickname. Like wine, he seems to get better with age. Just recently I realised something: Kobe is one of three NBA All-Time legends, who’re still playing. And I’ve been blessed to watch his entire career. The other two being Kevin Garnett and Tim Duncan.


I could create a blogpost about the greatest achievements by Kobe, but I’m not going too. Instead I’ll give you my clearest memories on Kobe and I’ll tell you why they remained in my superior, barely human brain.

“Kobe…to Shaq”

The title says enough doesn’t it? The year’s 2000, the Lakers were down fifteen or so and Shaq wasn’t playing like his MVP season. Kobe stepped up in a big way and the epic Lakers-run hit a climax with this alley-oop. I’ll publish a NBA Memoires article soon about me experiencing this crazy moment!

His ’00-’01 season

Kobe made the leap to being a true star in LA’s first championship season. But during the season after, Kobe made it clear he wasn’t ‘just’ Shaq’s sidekick. He proved he was able to lead a team on his own. Averaging 28, 6 & 5 during the season, he picked up the slack for the Lakers who had to miss Shaq for a couple of games and played without the leadership of Glen Rice & Ron Harper. During this season, the Kobe & Shaq feud arised for the first time but they managed to look in the same direction, going mentally insane during the play-offs. They matched a NBA history best with only one loss during their back-to-back championship run.

I remember this alley-oop vs. the Spurs which made me jump out of my sofa.

Alley-Oop vs. Sixers

Probably one of the most underrated dunks. The degree of difficulty is through the roof! It sure depicts how athletic Frobe was.


The NBA darling accused of rape, imagine that. It’d be like Durant would get charged with it nowadays. Kobe lost the bulk of his endorsement deals and had to go back and forth between court trials and games. I do remember this period quite clear. He went on a impressive run during his court trials, playing as efficient as ever. The moment that I’ll never forget is his game-winner against Denver after he arrived late to the game.

’04 vs. Portland

In a regular season filled with drama for LA, Kobe hit the game-tying shot and the game-winner to capture the pacific division. The shot gave them the momentum to start off the play-offs hot. The degree of difficulty is insane!

’04 Finals

It ain’t all good memories dear Kobe! After winning three rings with Shaq as the main guy during the Finals, it seemed like Kobe was tired of seeing Shaq win Finals MVP over and over again. It had to be frustrating for a workout maniac like Kobe to see Shaq stuff his face and get out of shape…and still be able to produce at such a high level. His game 2 heroics aside, he went on an epic chuck fest shooting 38% from the floor. Shaq didn’t get his usual amount of touches and shot 64%. I’m not going to say Kobe’s the reason the Lakers lost. That team had to endure a Karl Malone injury and outside Kobe & Shaq, there wasn’t a guy on that squad who averaged over 6,5 points a game.


Sometimes sports can give you such moments, you still remember where you were. After Kobe went bananas on the Toronto Raptors, I first got a text while I was going to school. Seeing the amount of points Kobe scored, I didn’t believe it at first. During the day, people came up to me and asked if it was true, I had no idea. I had to wait until I got home to check When my dad came home, I told him what Kobe had done, he didn’t believe it too. January 26th was the day where ‘unbelievable’ was the right word.

2006 vs. Phoenix

His first play-off series without Shaq was against the first seed Phoenix Suns. LA shocked the basketball world by going up 2-1. With game 4 being at home, a 3-1 lead would seem unsurmountable. With the Lakers down 2, Kobe directed himself at Smush Parker during a time-out, he told him he was going to get a steal no matter what. Kobe’s determination certainly helped as Smush stole the ball on an inbounds pass. The rest is history…


Finally, is the word probably most used when Kobe got his first MVP award. It proved that team succes is one of the most important factors to win the MVP. Kobe averaged 28.3 ppg, 6.3 rpg, 5.4 apg and 1.8 spg during the season, this marked the worst statistical season for Bryant in 3 years, but his team success lifted him to another level. Bryant is a yearly candidate for the award even in the late stages of his career.

’09 Finals vs. Magic

Bryant had a spectacular finals series against Orlando. During game 5 he hit an incredible shot over and around Dwight Howard, showing off his incredible skill level. This shot >>> MJ’s overrated switching hands lay-up vs. Lakers

Kobe is ICE cold

Matt Barnes is known as a feisty defender who gets under the skin of his opponents. But Kobe has zero focks to give.

Clutch times three

Having an incredible individual season, Kobe has been on a mission to will his team into the season. Last game against the Raptors added to Kobe’s never-ending list of big shots and reminded us all how the NBA will change whenever he decides to hang them up. Love him or hate him, I’m gratefull I’ve been able to watch Kobe play throughout his entire career.

The NBA’s Deadliest Snipers

After his recent bombardment against Indiana and New York, which made Nagasaki look like a slight drizzle, it’s time to look at the best shooters in the game. Steph Curry probably had the most impressive scoring output ever at MSG. He poured in 54 points on 28 shots, including a staggering 11/13 from three point area.  To put things into perspective, MJ needed 37 shots to hit 55 points.


I didn’t make this list up by looking at the highest 3FG%, otherwise Javale McGee would be first. no, seriously, McGee is perfect from downtown!

It’s not because someone shoots a better FG%, he’s a better shooter. Some players have to get their shot off against defensive schemes which focus entirely on them. So that’s why I have two separate categories: Stars & Snipers.


5. Shane Battier


Lethal! He’s your stereotype roleplayer for a championship team. He’s one of the best defenders you can imagine and he’ll chip in on the offensive end by draining threes like if they were lay-ups. He can go into shooting slumps for a long period of time, but when he’s on…Watch out! Lightning quick release too!

4. Klay Thompson


He’s still only 23 years old, but he’d be the best shooter on a lot of teams right now. He has a smooth stroke and he’s athletic enough to add other pieces to his game. Whenever you catch a GSW highlight reel, there’s Klay draining jumpers. He has potential to have a Michael Redd career. Hopefully without the career-ending injuries.

3. Danny Green


Coming out of UNC, there was no doubt Danny could shoot. But looking at his early career years, it looked like he was on his way out of the league. But unlike any other sport franchise in the world, San Antonio picked Green up and gave him a chance to blossom to become the deadeye shooter he is now. Like other San Antonio players, his efforts go unnoticed but he has turned into one of the best shooters in the game.

3. Ray Allen

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat

Currently, in the twilight years of his career, but whenever he checks in, opposing defenses turn their attention to Allen. I’ve never seen someone get pressured this hard when coming over screens, still to this day. If today was 2006, Ray would’ve been ranked in the Star section, no doubt. Greatest shooter of all-time!

2. Steve Novak


If you play in New York, you’re bound to garner a lot of attention. With Novak’s shooting over these last 2-3 years, he’s experienced it. Novak gets the Ray Allen treatment nowadays, meaning he won’t get easy shots anymore. He has to earn every single one of his attempt by sprinting from screen to screen. Still he manages to be second in this ranking.

1. Kyle Korver


Kyle Korver is an absolute machine. He averages eight attempts per game, six of them are three point baskets. Even though the entire NBA knows, he still manages to shoot at a 0.46 clip. Add his length into the mix and you know he’s tough to guard when he’s shooting jump shots from behind the three point line.


3. Kyrie Irving

Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Consider the fact he takes a big portion of his 3pt attempts of the dribble, it’s amazing he shoots a .42 clip from the 3P line. He’ s Cleveland’s n1 option by far and gets ALL of the defensive attention. Draining gamewinner after gamewinner and winning the 3PT competition in dramatic fashion certainly helped too!

2. Kevin Durant


6’10 and moves like a point guard. 7’4 wingspan and cold blooded like Reggie Miller, Durant makes it look easy. Shooting a three is just effortless for him. I don’t have any recollection of him missing a wide open three. The NBA is in a good place, knowing Durant is only 24!

1. Stephen Curry

stephen curry

It took a while for Curry stabilizing his ankles to keep himself on the court, but here it is. We all knew the kid could shoot but THIS? He doesn’t need a split second, he’ll make sure he shakes you off the dribble and splash it in your face. To summarize, every shot Stephen Curry takes behind the line is a good shot. A stat that summarizes Steph’s absurdity: His 3pt FG% is higher than his regular FG%. PS: Playing against the Warriors on 2K isn’t fun, you could say the Warriors are a real-life cheesefest.

A League Full Of Things You Didn’t Know Part II

There’s more knowledge to be passed along! Here’s another dose of random facts about NBA players!

For Part 1: Read here!

Former NBA player  A.C. Green’s nickname is ‘Iron Man’ because he holds the record for consecutive games played with 1192. Green claims he began and ended his NBA career as a virgin, he famously wore a green puppet on his head as a sign for his abstinence. So no sex = no injuries!

Kobe Bryant has a rap record  with Tyra Banks. “Why doesn’t he have an album though?” Listen and find your answers…

Grant Hill’s girl is Tamia. Most known around here for her collaboration with rapper Fabolous on “So Into You”. While we’re talking about Grant, he averaged 20.2ppg 9.8rpg and 7apg in his second (!) season. Don’t ever forget Hill’s greatness before his ankle injuries.

During his college career in Marquette, Dwyane Wade had to spend a year on the sidelines because of educational problems. He had to seek help to improve his writing skills.

DeShawn Stevenson was compared to Michael Jordan by a mock draft website .

Brent Barry did not only won the Slam Dunk Contest in ’96. He busted out a C-Walk after his round during the three point competition. Kudos to the creator of this video synchronizing the beat wit ‘dem moves.

Everybody knows Shaquille O’Neal worked for the police in Phoenix and was a back-up deputy somewhere in LA. But did you know he has a tattoo that says “Against The Law”? Kind of ironic, don’t you think? On the subject of Shaq Facts, here’s the most dominant hitting a three at the buzzer, followed by some hilarities by the TNT Crew.

The ‘Eurostep’, made famous by Manu Ginobili and Dwyane Wade, was introduced to the NBA by former Golden State Warrior and Lithuanian Sarunas Marciolionis. Don’t miss this video!

Jason Kidd once had blonde hair. Too.Many.Jokes

J.R. Rider, during his time with the Minnesota Timberwolves, once scored a three…with one hand…backwards…while falling out of bounds. I should dedicate an episode of  “What Happened To” to J.R. really. Dude was talented!

The Artest formerly known as Ron and now going by the name of Metta World Peace, once pulled down Paul Pierce shorts. We all know Metta is a class act, so he apologized in a Ron-Artest-way.

Tim Duncan absolutely HATES Kevin Garnett. Here’s a little piece of an interview with Chris Ballard “Duncan is diplomatic about the topic. Asked if perhaps all those years battling Garnett have softened his feelings for the man, led to a Magic-Larry type of kinship, Duncan leans back on the couch in his hotel room and grins. There is a pause. A longer pause. Finally he says, “Define kinship.” It has been told that on May, 9th 1999 (Mother’s Day) KG yelled “Happy Mothers Day Mother******” to Tim Duncan, knowing Tim’s mother passed away.

Tyson Chandler is still in the running to break Wilt Chamberlain’s absurd record for highest Field Goal Percentage. His % is now at 67%, he needs to pass 72,7% to break the record, set in the 72-73 season.

Vince Carter’s aggressive play during the 2000 Olympics wasn’t caused because he grew his hair out. It was caused by his brother’s imprisonment and his agent betraying him. Vince played like a mean demon and the world took notice. Once again a brilliant mixtape by Maxamillion711. For more information about this topic: Youtube Behind The Glory Vince Carter.

The Hawks drafted Pau Gasol and traded him for Shareef Abdur-Rahim in the same season they made a promise to their fans. They promised their ticket holders they would pay their fee back if they didn’t make the play-offs. They didn’t! But they only paid their fans $125!


It seems LeBron James reads my blog. After I posted my picks for the awards halfway into the season, he went mental. I picked Kevin Durant as my MVP. After he went mental, he decided to crush every record you can break during a 30-day span. By now you probably already saw what he accomplished in the month of February, but because it’s that mind-blowing. I’m going to take you through it. With pictures & videos ‘n stuff !

Lebron is having an outrageous season once again, averaging 27.3 points, 8.1 rebounds and 7.3 assists. The one thing that boggles my mind is the fact he’s shooting 56.8 percent from the field! That’s almost the exact FG% Shaq averaged during his ’99-’00 MVP season.


Lebron is straight trolling the league

In February he shot 64.1 percent, the only one who ever accomplished that before him, was a 7 foot center, Abdul-Jabbar, in March of 1983. Keep in mind, the minimum attempts is 200 in a month! He also broke another record, shooting more than 60% from the field and scoring over 30 points in six straight games!


It’s simple: Lebron James has set himself apart as the best player by far in the NBA. He’s currently having the most productive season EVER, according to the Player Efficiency Rating. This stat measures a player’s contributions on a per-minute basis. The guy who holds the highest PER to date? Michael Jordan in the ’87-’88 season with a 31.89, when he averaged 33-8-8 per game.

Lebron James’ PER right now? 31.94.

The scary thing about the Ledomination is that James is still improving…daily.


It’s getting to the point, where G.O.A.T. discussions are not far fetched…

Oh right, I promised you a video! Here’s another Lebron pregame dunk…

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