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Brooklyn Nets fire Head Coach Avery Johnson

December 27, 2012


The Brooklyn Nets have fired head coach Avery Johnson.

After Brooklyn enjoyed a hot start, the Nets have lost 10 of their last 13 games. Not only their record was a problem, star point guard Deron Williams has said on record, he doesn’t like Johnson’s offensive sets. Brooklyn named P.J. Carlesimo interim head coach for the time being.

This firing doesn’t come as a surprise. Majority owner Mikhail Prokhorov has been clear during the past summer about his future aspirations for the team out of Brooklyn. A team clinging on to .500 sure isn’t one of his goals. Looking at Brooklyn’s roster, it’s safe to say they will earn their play-off spot. With potent scorers like Joe Johnson, Williams and Lopez, there isn’t an excuse they shouldn’t be competing for homecourt advantage throughout the first round.

Watching Brooklyn play, even the average fan has seen it. Deron Williams isn’t being used to his full potential. You’d see Williams coming over screens as a second or third option for a jumpshot, minimizing his strengths. Williams has made a name for himself in Utah by crossing people silly and earned his place in the discussion of best point guard in the league. His game thrives when he’s creating off the dribble and using the pick ‘n roll. I still don’t know whether Deron and Joe don’t really fit together or haven’t really figured it out yet how to play with each other, I guess only time will tell. We’ve seen the same discussion with Lebron and Dwyane, not saying they’re on the same level though (for those who are now rushing to the comment section).

You can use this as a comparison though! Both Joe and Williams are best used, giving them primary ball handling duties. Same can be said about Wade & James before they got together, right? Now look at Miami’s offense. James is the real no.1 option and Wade plays more like a opportunistic slasher and a post-up player off of secondary breaks. I think the problem for Brooklyn is the following, neither Williams or Johnson has the athletic ability to make agressive cuts like Wade. But you have Joe Johnson, who is a terrific, strong post-player.

If I was P.J. Carlesimo, I’d use the Williams-Lopez pick ‘n roll all game long. When money time comes along, punish those weaker guards by running the pick ‘n roll with Williams and Johnson. What’s the difference with Avery Johnson as head coach? Scratch those plays with Williams running over screens, he isn’t Reggie Miller or a Rip Hamilton. He’s a quick point guard built like a tank, with crazy handles. Use the capabilities of your franchise player, please!


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One Comment
  1. jumpingpolarbear permalink

    The Nets have slowed down a bit, but firing the coach already is a bit too fast in my opinion!

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