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Dwyane Wade: From Darling to Douchebag

December 28, 2012


The past few seasons we’ve seen a rise of Wade-hatred. With the kicking in Ramon Session’s ding dong being the climax. Why? Well, every successful athlete, businessman, etc has to deal with so-called – FYI, I hate myself using this term – ‘haters’, that’s nothing new! Maybe, because he and Pat Riley are the brains behind the formation of the Big Three in Miami? Yeah, I guess so, that may be the reason. Or, is it because Dwyane Wade has changed? is it because Wade ’12 is a completely different player and/or person than Wade ’04?

Before you continue reading, I have to make a confession to you, the reader. As a long time Shaquille O’Neal fan, I felt obliged to cheer for the likes of Penny, Kobe & Wade. (No, not Nash, Lebron & Pierce too, The Diesel wasn’t the Diesel anymore after Miami, everybody knows that). What I’m trying to say is, only Wade could truly convince me as Shaq’s wingman. Everytime Wade stepped on the court, I caught myself being more attentive. Even my dad, a lifelong basketball lover and always a quickfire to give a player critique on the hardwood, began to appreciate that young kid Wade. Conversations like this, began to take place…

-Who is that?

-That’s Dwyane Wade, first team all rookie last year, made some big shots in the playoffs.

-Why have I never heard of him?

-He didn’t play with Shaq last year, the media doesn’t really care about small market teams.

-Well I don’t know him, but Shaq sure as hell likes him more than Kobe.

Dwyane Wade  gave a 100% all the time, he went hard, he was fearless on both ends of the court. Because he wasn’t that known, big guys thought they’d have an easy dunk, until 6’4 Wade swung his wingspan to create a highlight reel block. He’d make up for a defensive rotation miscue and steal it while flying out of bounds. He was all about team, simple as that. Give him the ball in offense, he’d slash through the paint avoiding contact and making the right play. Efficiency, that’s what he was all about. It was a rarity to see him arguing over a call. “Fall down 7, stand up 8” Remember that commercial? He was able to make Converse cool again by playing basketball the right way. The last one to do that? Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. He had something to prove, every.single.night. He even developed one of the most deadliest midrange jumpshots in the game.

Now read that last paragraph again and keep in mind the player Wade is nowadays.


Unrecognizable, right?

Fans on HEAT boards are complaining because he lacks effort, he seems passive, etc.  If you see a big guy getting the ball down low, where’s Wade? That’s right, most of the time he’s already at midcourt, trying to get an easy bucket or he’s still at midcourt because he was slow getting back in D. When is the last time you saw Wade diving to the ground for a hustle play? Flopping or an excessive acting job to sell contact doesn’t count here. I still think Wade is capable of shaking his defender of the dribble, I still think he can be the Flash. But the Flash never seeks to run into walls on purpose and fall down like a ballerina. The Flash goes as fast as possible to the preferable destination, as in BUCKETS. Not current Wade, he tries his best to ánd score ánd get the foul ánd look as good as possible doing it. When it doesn’t go his way, watch him cry about it, while Lebron guards two players. Even as a fan, with every single jumpshot Wade takes, I cringe.

Maybe that’s why people hate on Wade?


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  1. Spot on with this write-up, I honestly believe that
    this site needs far more attention. I’ll probably be back again to read through more, thanks for the advice!

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