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Best Flops Ever: The NBA Oscars

January 3, 2013

After the NBA imposed the rule this offseason trying to eliminate flopping in basketball, we all shared a common sigh of relief. Last play-off series, the big boss himself, David Stern admitted flopping was ruining the game we all love. We haven’t seen a huge Hollywood flop this season, until now. Last night, Blake Griffin pulled out the ol’ heliflopter and almost injured himself. That play had me thinking, isn’t it time the NBA looks back at an era and gave out some hardware to some players with extra-ordinary acting skills?

Blake dropkicking himself to oblivion

Now before we begin the ceremony, it took some time on Youtube to look at all the flops. I want to take this time to give a shout out to Vlade Divac and Dennis Rodman, who helped made flopping into an art.


Best Shot by a Sniper Flop



Why did it win? Because Bosh took his time creating the moment. First Boozer’s elbow swung out, and a full second later, he decided to flop. Not just in full speed, Bosh pulled out his inner Matrix-acting skills and showcased a slow motion flop. Brilliant drama!

Best Overacting the Contact Flop

Reggie Evans, arguably one of the best floppers of all time, can’t be missed in these awards. During my selection, he was nominated almost exclusively for this category. He makes a living out of overselling the contact after a screen. It’s a sad thing, we won’t see his acting anymore.

Best Verbal Flop


Pau Gasol is the ultimate verbal flopper in the NBA. Every single time he goes up under the basket he bursts out his verbal flop. His teammate Kobe Bryant and Miami’s Dwyane Wade are the other nominees. It’s been said Pau unleashes the same amount of decibels when pooping and ordering at McDonalds.

Best Creative Flop


Lebron James isn’t only one of the best in the game. LBJ has had memorable acting moments in last year’s playoffs but his best acting job came two years ago against Chicago. He didn’t only get the foul, he pissed of the whole arena by winking at Coach Spoelstra and proceeded by closing out the Bulls in the waning moments of the fourth quarter.

Best Self Flop


A category I created especially for Mr. Griffin. There’s absolutely no one else in the league that does this. Watching it, almost makes me wish he injured something, but then again, we would miss his highlight dunks pretty fast. I had a hard time judging which one won, so… Just another video to celebrate Blake’s artistry.

Best Duo Flop


There are a couple of video’s showing the duoflop. Most of them involve Raja Bell or Manu Ginobli. This video, however, has perfect choreography. They both perform the flop at the exact same time and at an apparent same height. Put some classic music on this video and watch it really come to life.

Best Actor



Just watch Chris Paul falling to the ground over and over again. Also notice, he doesn’t always gets the call, which proves he’s a notorious flopper. My personal favourite is the last one against Memphis. He’s able to flop backwards, redefining the law of physics. Now, if you’re able to that, you get your Oscar!

What are your favourite flops of all time? Get at me!


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