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Should the Lakers trade Pau Gasol?

January 6, 2013

It’s pretty clear nowadays, Pau isn’t going to be very effective playing under D’Antoni. There’s a lot of “Gasol is soft” or “Gasol sucks” going on today. To those people I ask this question, have you never been in a situation, where your coach just doesn’t use you to the best of your abilities? How well did you play, what were your stats? Because that is happening right now in Hollywood. Gasol shouldn’t be camped out behind the three point line. Sure, he can shoot the three now and then, as he’s proven this season. But that’s not the Pau we know.

Pau is currently 7/21 from downtown, his career high for attempts behind the 3pt line? 27 attempts.

Gasol has one of the highest basketball IQ’s in the entire league. He has a better court vision than Kobe himself (quote me on that). He has a better postgame than Dwight “Clark Kent’ Howard. And he sure as hell is a better passer than Dwight out of the post. Why isn’t Pau getting any post touches? Gasol needs the ball, he’s a smart player, he makes great, smart plays. I wonder what Kobe thinks: ‘We should go to him more on the post because he can dominate from there as he has to the tune of two rings. I’m sure we will adjust and figure out a balance when he comes back healthy.’ Let Dwight roam around the paint and fight for rebounds and he’ll get his occasional highlight slams. I think D’Antoni is clueless how to use Pau & Dwight together, like he was clueless how to run Chandler & Stoudemire together in New York. And for those Lakerfans who are willing to wait until they gel, go look up the record the Knicks had under D’Antoni. (It’s 121-167)

Is this the line-up we’ll still see after the All-Star Break?

So, to answer the big question: Yes, the Lakers should definitely try and trade Pau Gasol (as long MDA is running the Lakeshow). The problem here is that D’Antoni already destroyed Gasol’s trade value. The whole basketball world has seen Pau struggle, so the Lakers probably don’t get an even return. But as we all know, the Lakers have pulled of a lot of lopsided trades, so the luck is on their side. My personal suggestions? Here they are:

Josh Smith 1YR remaining & Zaza Pachulia for Pau Gasol 2YR remaining and draft picks

Why? Josh Smith has made comments about leaving Atlanta in FA upcoming offseason, Zaza is just a filler to make the contracts work.

Athletic Forward who excels running in the open court and is elite on the defensive end? Kobe says “Pau who?”

Al Jefferson 1YR remaining & Raja Bell for Pau

Why? Big Al has a similar situation to J.Smith, I’m not sure if Al & Dwight is going to work, 2 big guys in a D’Antoni system?

Rudy Gay 3YR remaining for Pau

Why? There have been rumors Memphis is shopping Gay and combining the Gasol brothers with Z-Bo seems a lot of fun. The problem would be Memphis having Arthur AND Speights, not sure what they would do with them. Not sure either Pau Gasol is enough to put Gay in a Lakers jersey right now.

Are we going to see the Gasol brothers play together in the NBA?

Carlos Boozer 3YR remaining and filler for Pau

Why? Both players aren’t really that respected in their respective fanbases, why not just switch them? Give them both a new opportunity. (If this happens, watch out for the Bulls when Rose comes back!)

Bargnani & Calderon for Pau & Duhon

Why? Why not! Bargnani & Calderon would fit perfectly under D’Antoni Six Seconds Or Less system!

The tricky thing with these trade scenarios is that the players LA trade for, should fit the D’Antoni system. And, the contracts should end this season. Dwight’s a FA this season, Nash’ contract is still 2 seasons, Kobe & World Peace too, and a lot of if’s and but’s.

Too summarize it, the Lakers don’t have that many scenario’s. Or do they?


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