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Predicting the Future: Hall of Famers

January 10, 2013

Kevin Garnett : Like Timmy, he’s a perennial 20-10 player. The defensive anchor for the Celtics is one the most dynamic players ever. What sets him apart is his ball handling, court vision, passing ability for a 7-footer. He carried Minnesota on his back for a long time and eventually was traded after a memorable emotional breakdown during an interview with Coach Thompson.

Kobe Bryant: Without any question will Kobe make it. In his 17th season, he’s putting together one of his best seasons ever. I could list all his achievements, but then there’s this maximum capacity thing I would surpass. 5 rings, 2 Finals MVP’s, 14 All-Star appearances, blablabla, ‘nuff said. The only thing that’ll be exciting is, if LA’s going to retire both #24 and Frobe’s #8.

Tim Duncan : The Big Fundamental is arguably the most consistent player ever. Averaging 20-10 for over a decade, that’s nuts. He’s still going strong as he’s on pace to win his first Defensive Player of the Year award. He’s playing less minutes, but his per36 stats still read 20 and 10 at age 36. He’s got 4 rings, 3 Finals MVP’s and 2 regular season MVP’s as the Spurs continue to NOT get old.

Steve Nash: He just entered the 10,000 assist club. The Canadian, floppy haired point guard had to wait for consistent playing opportunities until his 3rd season. Playing with Dirk and Michael Finley, he created his own style en route to 2 MVP’s in PHX. We can only imagine if the owner of Phoenix, Robert Sarver wasn’t that cheap and kept Joe Johnson. The Phoenix team of Nash, Johnson, Jackson, Richardson, Marion and Amare will forever be the reason D’Antoni still has a job.

Jason Kidd: When I think of Kidd, I think ‘best feel for the game’ in the league. He’s the kind of guy you want in an All-Star Game because he makes it 10 times better. In his 18th season he’s more of a spot-up shooter, but he’s still effective. He should’ve had a regular season award during his New Jersey days in my book! I’ll never forget this assist:

Paul Pierce: He’s the Celtics all-time leading scores. Wait, you don’t understand. He’s the BOSTON CELTICS all-time leading scorer. The most storied franchise in the NBA. On to the next one.

Ray Allen: The greatest shooter of all-time. His release is lightning quick and his loyalty to the game is inspiring. He’s almost impossible to hate, a class-act. He’s a 10-time All-Star, a Champion and despite being guarded heavily all the time, he manages to knock down threes at a 40% clip. He’s a lock for the Hall.

Dirk Nowitzki: The first ever Euro-MVP. One of the most clutch players ever, who refuses to lose in big stage games. He has had multiple memorable game 7’s, highlighted by his game winner against the mighty Spurs. He finally won a ring against the Big Three in Miami after taking down the Thunder in a classic Western Conference Finals.

Vince Carter: ROY, Gold medallist, multiple All-Star appearances and most exciting player ever in his prime. Combine that with his career averages 20, 5 & 4 and he’ll get in. His showing at the Slam Dunk Contest and the Sidney Olympics should be enough to get in, actually. Here’s a clip of Vince being nasty in Sidney:

Tracy McGrady: T-Mac hasn’t got any team accomplishments, but his prime in the early 2000’s should be enough. During his days in Orlando, the only other scoring option was Pat Garrity (Pat who??? Exactly!). Playing for the Rockets, he had a legitimate co-star in Yao Ming. Sadly those two never played together consistently due to injuries. McGrady is a sad could-of-been story, but I think he deserves to be in the HOF.

Pau Gasol: His NBA Career might not be enough to be in the Hall of Fame, but his international accomplishments are off the charts. He’s arguably the most successful ballin’ European ever, 2 Silver Olympic medals, European Champion, … Throw in his 2 rings and his ROY award and he’ll be elected in the Hall. He’s too successful.

Manu Ginobli: If you think Manu’s just a bench player for the Spurs, you’re wrong. He put his ego aside, to better the team. Did it work? Three-time champion, a multiple All-Star and an Olympic Gold Medal.

Tony Parker: The current engine for the Spurs. Playing in his 11th season, people forget he’s only 30. Playing in a guard dominant conference, he doesn’t have a whole lot of ASG appearances, but he does have 3rings and a Finals MVP (How about that CP3?).

Lebron James: Only his 10th season, but already 100% sure he’ll be a 1st ballot HOF’er. His career averages of 28, 7 and 7 are absurd and he keeps refining his game. He just won his first ring and he’s not ready to stop at one. I won’t put up all his achievements but here’s just a fun fact: He already has 26 (!) Player of the Month awards, meaning: His trophy room is probably bigger than your house.

Carmelo Anthony : He’ll probably be just remembered as a scorer and that’s not bad thing. He’s arguably one of the most unguardable players in NBA History. If he gets the ball in the 18ft area, game’s over. It’s possible he’ll never win an NBA ring, but all his individual credentials will earn him a spot in the Hall. Don’t forget his Olympic and College credentials!

Dwyane Wade : A rags to riches story: Personally leading the Heat to its first ring in 2006, playing one of the best finals series ever. Now playing second fiddle to LBJ, his career resume is just going to look better and better as time passes.

Kevin Durant: At age 23, he already has 3 scoring titles. Barring any major injuries, he’s a virtual lock into the HOF. On top of that, if he continues this 50-40-90 pace, I’m putting him up there to break Abdul-Jabbar’s scoring total and be nr1 on the all-time scoring list.

Dwight Howard : He’s already earned 3 Defensive Player of the Year awards in his early career. He led the league 4 times in rebounding and 2 times in blocks. He’s an undersized center with otherworldly athletic capabilities. Let’s hope his back will heal just fine, so he can return to his dominating self.

Chris Paul: Little guy, BIG heart. He’s the undisputed best point guard in the league, he has led the league in steals 5 times and assists 2 times. He’s got a lot of fight in him, that’s ultimately going to be rewarded with a championship (No doubt n my mind!). Throw in his ROY award and his 2 gold medals, CP3 & the Clippers’ future shine bright.

Chris Bosh : If the Miami Heat can win multiple rings, Bosh will enter the HOF. It’s that simple. When the Big Three started to play its first games, he was the laughing stock of the three superstars. It all ended when Bosh was out during last years playoffs against the Indiana Pacers during the Eastern Conference Semi-finals. The Heat struggled mightily without Bosh and revived when he came back. A shocker to some: His Miami averages are right along his career averages whilst playing with Wade & James.


Too Young To Decide

Russell Westbrook wearing Jordan Super.Fly OKC Home PE (1)

Blake Griffin: His career averages after 2 season are already 20-10 and that’s only on relying on pure athleticism. If he’s able to create a consistent jumpshot and some postmoves, he’ll be fine. Especially playing alongside Chris Paul. Let’s hope he won’t get any career ending injuries because of his ridiculous bouncing ability.

Derrick Rose: Rose won the MVP at age 22 and it caused a stir. It’ll probably go down as one of the worst statistical MVP’s ever. The good news is, he’s still got time to prove the doubters wrong. It won’t take that long until we see Rose back on the court doing spectacular things. Hopefully he’ll be back at a 100% after that nasty ACL injury.

Russell Westbrook: He’s not a point guard, he doesn’t take the smartest shots, he racks up a lot of turnovers. But the amount of talent and potential is unquestionable. He’s playing like a top 10 player in the league whilst racking up a career high in the assist column. His jumpshot is improving every year and he’s one of the most durable players in a recent while. If Westbrook and Durant stay together, they’ll lift each other to higher levels and eventually into the Hall of Fame.


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