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NBA Memoires: Half Man Half Amazing

January 14, 2013

The NBA Memoires series will look back at some of my most memorable NBA experiences in the last ten years or so. With the All-Star festivities in Houston about a month away, it’s the perfect time to look back at one of the best Slam Dunk Contests ever and how I experienced it.

I was 11 years old and I started to obsessively follow the NBA whenever, wherever, however I could. My only acces to the NBA was a subscription to the magazine “Slam”. I heard these rumours the NBA held a contest for players to show of their dunk capabilities. You should know the NBA didn’t had these contests two years prior because of the lockout in the ’98-’99 season. It was scrapped because of lack of interest the season before that. You could imagine there was a buzz about the dunk contest being back. The only dunks I’d seen were Shaquille O’Neal rimrockers of a VHS I got for my birthday. He instantly became my favourite player after that movie. Some friend borrowed it and lost it. I’m still mad about it!.

I remember it vividly, it was a Sunday evening. Watching television with my parents and my two sisters. My sisters weren’t happy at all when my dad switched to CNN. At the time, CNN had this Sunday show about the NBA. My parents asked me what was so special about this event, ashamed that I didn’t know any details, I said it should be worth their time. How was I right!

The CNN crew showed a clip with all of Carter’s dunks in slow motion set to classical music. (Which is perfect, because Vince Carter looks like a ballerina on steroids with flying ability) You should’ve seen the reaction of my sisters and my mom. Their jaws dropped to the floor in admiration. My dad said Carter was like a Dominique and Jordan combination with some added showmanship (nowadays, my dad uses the word swagger, winning!).

Although Vince would create a highlight play later that year that trumped all of these dunks

I still think that 360 reverse windmill is the best dunk in All-Star Saturday history. To come out, with all the hype surrounding him and not just fulfilling it, but exceeding it, just wow. The combination of speed, elegance, athleticism and power is unreal. I’ve never seen anyone get so many Hall of Famers jump out of their seats at the same time. Here’s a challenge for you, watch this video and try to NOT get chills:

I’m capable of doing a lot on little rims (hold your laughter please!), but that dunk remains impossible to do. I’m aware Josh Smith and Paul George have done it too, but don’t kid yourself, Vince’s version is about 10times more powerful and elegant. The same can be said about his bounce between the legs. Yes, it has been done a number of times now. But look at it again. Carter glides through the air, takes his time to catch the ball and put it between his legs and finishes it with power. Take a look at his legs, knees in a perfect 90 degrees. It’s those little things that made Kenny Smith scream “IT’S OVER! IT’S OVER LADIES AND GENTLEMEN!”. It’s those little things that made the Tai Chi’s the most popular shoe ever for And1. It’s those little things capped of by his emotion afterwards what makes Vince Carter’s 2000 Slam Dunk Contest the best ever. FYI: Tim Duncan refuses to go to any dunk contests after Carter, saying he would only return if Carter did too.

Who doesn’t remember the And1 Tai Chi’s?

Relive Vince’s brilliance right here with some added commentary from the legend himself:

I loved that Contest so much, I bought the DVD!

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