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Miami’s Small Ball Feels The Heat

January 16, 2013

Usually, teams bond during long roadtrips, but it doesn’t seem like the NBA Champs are enjoying it. The Miami Heat are currently on a 6-game roadtrip, their record so far is 1-3. Every NBA team goes on a long roadtrip at least once a year and hitting the .500 mark isn’t that easy. At times, the Miami Heat seem invincible with their ability to make huge runs. But when the pace gets slowed down, they find themselves in deep trouble. Those troubles are often located in the rebounding departement.

During last years playoffs Shane Battier was integrated in the starting five. The Miami Heat used a stifling defence based on hedging and speedy recoveries. Rebounding was an intense team effort, for 48 minutes. Add in Chalmers, Cole, Wade & Lebron on the lookout for interceptions and it was safe to say, coaches told their players crosscourt passes weren’t allowed against Miami. Why did it work in the playoffs? And why does it seem, like Small Ball isn’t working right now?

NBA playoffs are 28 games maximum, it’s known that players step their intensity level up during this crucial period. A full NBA season is 82 games. It’s known that certain superstars don’t bring their A-game before the All-Star Game or even before the playoffs. It may sound cliché, but to succeed at small ball, you have to get a 100% effort out of your players every game. To be fair, it’s impossible to give a 100% for 82 games.

It’s acceptable to play small ball in money time or even a full game, but you need this big guy grabbing boards. The only ‘real’ rebounders on the Heat are Lebron & Bosh.

  • Haslem is over the hill
  • Anthony has always been a one-dimensional shot-blocker (And that’s just fine)
  • You can’t expect Battier to grab 8 board a game
  • … That’s it, really.

The Heat have tried going big with Bosh & Anthony. The truth is, the Heat just don’t have any good rebounders on the team. Miami needs to make some roster moves before the deadline to relieve some pressure from Lebron and Bosh. What are the current options for the Champs?


Names that were already brought up, were Chris Andersen and Kenyon Martin. Those options are pretty unrealistic because Andersen has been in multiple lawsuits since he quit basketball and Martin was cut in China. I repeat, in China! There’s still Greg Oden, who’s looking for an opportunity. But I doubt he’ll be ready to contribute meaningful minutes this season.

The most realistic option is Timofey Mozgov from the Denver Nuggets. He’s behind McGee, Faried and Koufos in the rotation and it seems his expiring contract is on the trading block.

Are there any other options for the Heat?


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  1. Anonymous permalink

    Mozgov looks like the best option, but who will the Heat give for him? And will the Nuggets accept a trade like that? I doubt it.
    It’s patiently waiting for Oden to return next season and join the Heat Nation and hoping that the heat can repeat with the same roster. A roster that isn’t that strong inside with CB as starting center without real backup.

  2. Good question. The only option is swapping Mozgov with Pittman and Miami giving Cash to Denver.
    Reality is, the Heat don’t have a lot of options unless they throw in Norris Cole. But I think they don’t want to see him go.

  3. Quite Shaqly permalink

    They won’t give up Norris Cole. The only option to give up is Pittman, and maybe Miller. But will James and Wade be happy if they deal Miller? The guy who killed OKC last year with his 3’s? And would Denver be happy to get Miller?

    Cash combined with draft pick(s) could bring in Mozgov. Pittman isn’t useful for Denver, and neither is Anthony if he would be on the block.
    It’s looking for free agents, and no big man who could me useful is a FA.

    • Miller or Anthony’s contract doesn’t add up for Mozgov. The only realistic thing to do is Cash and/or Draft Picks. The problem with Free Agency is the lack of options there

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