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NBA Fashion Fails: Where Trying Too Hard Happens

January 17, 2013

We all remember David Stern implementing the NBA Dress Code in 2005. The NBA became the first professional sports league to make a mandatory dress code. After the rule received a lot of criticism, the players embraced it and made the dress game competitive. released a weekly editorial where the game’s best dressed were highlighted. After a couple of years, it seemed everybody got the hang of it and dressed pretty sharp. To distinguish themselves, some of them though, tried a bit too hard.  Here’s to some guys, trying too hard.

Here’s AI dressed up as a cloud (pre-dresscode)

Tyson Chandler: I might give you the benefit of the doubt what you’re wearing up top, but what’s up with the Amish hat? Since when is it ok to wear shorts and boots? Talking about the boots, he must be close with ol’ Ronald McDonald, asking where Ronnie got those.

Dwyane Wade: Wade is the best example of ‘trying too hard’. He used to be one the NBA’s best dressed, but it seems like he lost a thing or two. (Kinda like his game) From skinny leather pants, to flipping glasses, he could fill a blogpost with his own personal fashion fails. But the one, that had the TNT crew shaking their head in disbelief, was this one.

He even had Lebron James shaking his head in disbelief when he set the world record for skinniest pants. LBJ posted this on his Instagram.

To finalize I present you these flippin’ fly 4-eyed glasses.

Russell Westbrook: Co-named most stylish in the NBA (Guess who won that title too? Wade & Chandler! That’s a magazine, I won’t ever read). He gathered fashion fame during last years play-offs wearing pyjamas to every game. My main problem isn’t that it’s hideous, it’s the fact that it makes me dizzy just looking at it. I feel sorry for every reporter trying to sit through all of those postgame press conferences. (I haven’t even talked about those glasses!)

This season, he surprised everyone by wearing a fitted garbage bag and a manpurse.

Kobe Bryant: Kobe is probably one of the most consistent dressers in the NBA. His style is timeless and classic. He shouldn’t actually be mentioned in this post. Untill he did a photoshoot that exploded on the internet. It was the start of many GIFs and other pictures, you should’ve seen by now. If you didn’t, consider me as your savior! Sorry Kobe!


This was the original photoshoot, now brace yourselves to the countless photoshopped ones…

Now tell me that didn’t put a smile on your face!


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