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Previewing ASW: Picking Slam Dunk Contest Participants

January 19, 2013

With All-Star Weekend inching closer, it’s time to look at some potential Slam Dunk Contest participants!

Some say the NBA Slam Dunk Contest died after Vince Carter shut it down. I disagree completely. Jason Richardson and Desmond Mason are right up there with the Nique’s and MJ’s, it’s not their fault someone invented ‘the wheel’ or whatever retarded format they desperately tried, just to make it innovating. I think the Slam Dunk Contest died when the first prop was used. The focus shifted from power, elegance and perfectionism to gimmicks, playfulness and clowns. Considering the NBA’s policy to pick and not pick players, I left of Gerald Green, Demar Derozan and Andre Iguodala. I didn’t pick Blake Griffin because of the KIA-thing. I love to see him dunk but, that was just a disgrace. I think if the NBA picked these four players, it’ll be back!

Deandre Jordan

He’ll be the one representing the bigs. Standing 6-11, a 7-6 wingspan and a 40 inch vertical, this guy doesn’t only have all the measurements. This guy has some moves and flair in the air to make your jaw drop to the floor. Seeing him dunk must be how it looks when Allen Iverson was going bananas on a Fisher Price mini-rim. Add in the fact that he has a colourful personality and it should be a blast watching him perform on All-Star Saturday Night.

Terrence Ross

Probably the consensus pick all around the league. Only 50% in his rookie campaign, he already has a nice collection of posters. If you wondered, his initials ‘TR’ are just a preview for the word ‘trampoline’. If I’d have to put money on a winner, It would be this guy. Forget Demar DeRozan, this guy is true heir to Vince Carter in Toronto. Don’t forget to use the hashtag #LetRossDunk

James White

If you think you know something about basketball, you should know James White. He’s not the youngest anymore, but his collection of free throw line dunks should be performed once under NBA spotlights before his career is over. (If you don’t know White, slap yourself first, Youtube him second).

Russell Westbrook

I’ve read reports he was interested in participating in the All-Star Saturday festivities, let’s hope so! Not only good for bringing starpower to the contest, this man probably has the most pure athletic ability in the NBA. Watch him grab a steal and go for a breakaway dunk and watch me jump off my couch and giggle like a schoolgirl out of excitement. Oh, and he’s nuts, which is a good thing!

Eric Bledsoe

The little guy has to be represented! With Eric Bledsoe, we’ve got a potential winner too. After playing behind John Wall at Kentucky, he now finds himself behind the league’s best point guard. It hasn’t quite held him back from making a name for himself. Check out the mix to see what he’s capable of! (Sorry for the cliché and overused music)

BONUS: Lebron James

I know, I know, the chances he’ll compete are about as low as me having a crack at it. But we can dream, right? Arguably the most complete athlete on the planet, he’s like an American 18-wheeler who’s nimble as a go-cart and as fast as a Formula1 car. Who wouldn’t want to see that?

Who would you like to see on All-Star Saturday Night?

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