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Is The Media Killing Gasol?

January 22, 2013

I saw something this morning and it pissed me off. Sportscenter was showing  ‘highlights’ from the game Chicago-Lakers. Well ‘highlights’ isn’t the right word, let’s say it was a summary of Pau Gasol screwing stuff up. I watched the whole thing and I thought that Pau Gasol just had finished his worst game in his career. ESPN showed airballs, bricks, turnovers and miscues in defensive rotations. Being on the Pau-side of things during this Lakers’ struggle, I shaked my head and decided that maybe it’s time for Pau to go. Look at the highlights by ESPN right here.

Then, I watched the boxscore. Kobe went 7/22, jacking up 6 threepointers, making none. Howard played 30 minutes, he had 5 attempts and finished with 8 points. While Earl Clark continues his recent brilliance. Pau Gasol’s statline? 26 minutes, 15 points, 12 (!) rebounds. So why does ESPN only show Pau Gasol lowlights of him struggling?

Sportscenter has been using Gasol as a scapegoat the entire season. After a couple of games into the season, the bad guy was Mike Brown. After D’Antoni got hired with the blessings of Kobe Bryant, it’s Gasol who’s taking the heat. Let’s be honest here, if there wasn’t a firing in the beginnning, D’Antoni’s ass would’ve been fired by now, right? Somewhere Mike Brown agrees with this…

Gasol isn’t the one to blame though. MDA isn’t using him in the post and he isn’t being used on the high post nearly enough – like everybody knows! Instead, it’s Dwight who’s down on the block, but he’s not getting any touches either. It’s Nash & Kobe who are dominating the ball, everybody who doesn’t have the ball, just camps out and watches.

D’Antoni is giving Bryant the ultimate green light to be the hero. Kobe, one the greats, has been enjoying a great season. But recently, his numbers aren’t just declining, they are plummeting. Over his last 5 games, he’s just shooting 41%. One guy can’t get it done, it has never happened. Your superstar can win you a couple of games, but that’s it. As history has taught us, come playoff time, it’s the roleplayers who’ll win it for you. Ex: Kerr (Bulls-Jazz), Horry (countless times), Fisher (countless times, see pic), Stephen Jackson (Spurs-Nets Finals), Ron Artest (Game 7 vs. Boston).

It has to be hard on Gasol and Kobe, playing under the geniusness of Phil Jackson in their championship days. Now being led by Mike D’Antoni, who seems clueless about the defense AND offense. It’s like attending a Beyoncé-concert first, followed by a Rihanna-concert, it’s most likely you’ll get a headache.


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  1. I fully agree.

    If you play Gasol under the basket, he’ll flourish. If you play him 20-23 feet away from where he is more comfortable he’ll suffer and so will the team! The role players are important but let’s be honest, we give a baffling look whenever Kobe chucks shots up. In the Raptors game he was critical of himself but why? He’s been shooting unnecessary shots his whole career!

    I wrote a piece on the Lakers last week after their loss to the Thunder

  2. Good stuff!

    It’s the same story with the NBA. Lakers get all the attention, while a great Golden State team is being overlooked. Big name players = Big media attention, I guess.

    And (!) I don’t buy the Gasol is done talk.

    Looking forward to your next posts!


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