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Boston Trading Garnett & Pierce?

January 28, 2013

After the news that Rajon Rondo suffered a torn ACL, every reporter is thinking about blowing up the Celtic’s roster. They’re probably right too. Pierce and Garnett aren’t in a position in their careers anymore to carry a team to the playoffs. You’ve got to realize that Rondo isn’t going to be the same player untill the 2014 (!) All-Star break. That means staying with the same aging roster will kill any hopes for next season too.  So what can Danny Ainge, the Celtics’ GM, do? What are the possibilities?

Trade Pierce?

Let’s be real about this potential deal: You can’t trade Pierce, he’s a Celtic for life. He has been loyal to this franchise since day 1 and remains so. He’s a Los Angeles native who converted to Boston Green. If the Celtics trade Paul Pierce, there’s no such thing anymore as Boston Pride. I think all Celtics fans agree with me on this one.

Trade Garnett?

This guy has been a warrior his entire life. Giving great energy, even now in the latter stages of his career. But everybody knows someone has to go. The problem is that Garnett has 3 years remaining on a 30+ million $ contract. Who in their right mind would trade for an aging Garnett? Aside from the big contract, I think Garnett is the one that needs to go.

Use Brandon Bass & Jeff Green as trade bait?

That would be an option, but in reality they’re overpayed players. A team that would be willing to trade for Green, is a team that expects Green to grow into the player that deserves this contract.

Avery Bradley, Barbosa, Terry & Courtney Lee?

Bradley was seen as a savior to the Celtics’ season last year, with Ray Allen coming of the bench. Boston thought Bradley was a terrific defender (true) with a knack to knock down three point shots (untrue). This role has been filled up by Jason Terry, who’s a serviceable player but isn’t really a piece to perform a great trade for the future.

In conclusion, this team was put together last season for a final run at a Championship. With the injury to Rondo, the holes in their roster are pretty clear. There’s no plan for the future at all. Danny Ainge needs to unload some big contracts to rebuild this team around Rondo. The only bright spot seems to be Jared Sullinger.


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One Comment
  1. Quite Shaqly permalink

    First of all, we should ask the question if they have to rebuild of not? Yes they should! Pierce and garnett are to old to carry the team and the other players aren’t enough to help them run for another ring.

    Who should they trade? Even with the history of Pierce with the C’s they should trade him. Pierce isn’t the player anymore who can carry a team on his shoulders. What about Boston Pride? Forget about it! If you look at the aging C’s with Parish, Bird, Mchale, Ainge etc the management was doubting to break them up or not. If they would have broken those C’s up instead of keeping them their rebuildingproces wouldn’t took so much time.
    What about Garnett? He should also be traded, but who would want a Garnett nowadays? Everybody wants a player with the energy of a KG, but his salary is to high for his age. And this is for a reason. No team wants to pay KG this so KG has his fate in his own hands. He was doubting to retire last season, so he will doubt about this again at the end of this season.When the C’s start trading and rebuilding KG will retire, even when traded or not.

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