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The Worst Hairdays In The NBA

January 30, 2013

Throughout the existence of the NBA, we’ve seen a lot of colorful characters. Sometimes, those guys match their hair with their personalities: Nuts. Other times, they’re sitting at the end of the bench and they would just like to be noticed. Even All-Stars and Superstars tried to gather attention with their hair. So just for those players, I’ll give them the attention they deserve.

Drew Gooden

Differences, there are none. But Gooden isn’t just a one-hit wonder on this list. He’s as consistent as they come!

Drew Gooden has always been a solid player. He has had troubles staying with a team, but everywhere he goes, he seems to get meaningful minutes. When it’s all said and done, Drew will have had a solid NBA career. He will be remembered by his hairhighlights though.

Joakim Noah

Joakim is most known for his intense energy. He’s a big piece to Chicago’s Championship puzzle. He’s the kind of player you hate when he’s not on your team, but you’ll love him when he’s on your side. He’s a vocal leader who brings it every night, every minute he plays. Pretty easy being a wolf. I didn’t know, either!

Chris Kaman

Chris Kaman is a former All-Star! In his early career, he improved every year, until he got traded. Nonetheless, he remains a solid player for the Dallas Mavericks. Everytime you watch Kaman play though, you’re destined to have some nightmares. Who knew Chris had a beautiful, little daughter who’s making quite the career in Hollywood?

I almost forgot. His dad played a major role in Scary Movie 2, you might recognize him!

Michael Beasley

Michael Beasley’s haircut is kind of like his career. A nuclear disaster. As talented as a player he is, he’s not capable of finding his niche in the NBA. It looked like he had something going for him in Minnesota, but his lack of defense and IQ sent him to Free Agency. Giving a starting opportunity in Phoenix, he didn’t grab his chances. Now and then, he shows glimpses of his offensive brilliance, but his inconsistency continues to hold him back for a major role.

Andrew Bynum

I’d be able to write an entire blogpost on Bynum’s 2012-2013 hairstyle. So why shouldn’t I? FYI, Bobblehead night is being replaced in Philadelphia, now it’s Trollheadnight. I bet it’s going to be succesful. On a serious note, Philadelphia fans are getting antsy and are wondering if Bynum’s ever going to put on a Sixer uniform.

Bynum is probably bored nowadays, sitting out all those games because of injury. So why not pay tribute to some legends of the past. Like paying hommage to the Beatles’ hairstyle.

Scott Pollard

The best quality Pollard had, were his 6 fouls to give. He spent 11 years in the NBA waving towels and hacking opposing players. Pollard is possibly the godfather of ultra-weird hairstyles. During Scott Pollard’s career, there were multiple memorable haircuts. I chose this one, just because of that awful facial hair.

Lebron James

The big question is, why doesn’t he shave that thing? I bet a bald Lebron doesn’t look that bad. Nowadays he wears the biggest headband ever, just to cover up his awful hairline. If someone would just create an online petition to make Lebron bald. Being on the subject of ridiculous hairlines, here’s another one…

Carlos Boozer

Carlos Boozer uses shoeshine…on his head. The funny thing about that Sunday picture: he started the game with a shiny, full black head and during the game, his hair melted. Does Carlos really think we can’t spot the differences?


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