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What’s It Like? Addicted To The NBA In Europe

February 3, 2013

Imagine a world without timezones!

Sadly, there isn’t such a world. Brace yourselves, here’s the list that’ll be recognizable for every Euro-NBA Addict!

Daily: This isn’t a weekly thing. We’re not waiting until the weekend strolls by to check out our favourite teams and players. No, this is daily. We have to manage the NBA into our daily routines, because there’s action nightly. And we’re sure not going to miss that Blake Griffin Dunk of the Year.

Early Bird: There’s no such thing as waking up 5 minutes before going to work/school. If 10 games were played last night, that means setting your alarm 20 minutes early to catch all of the games’ highlights.

Live: Sunday evening is our chance to catch a game live without surrendering sleep. What we get instead is a heavy dose of frustration. First, you harass a couple of people asking them for a link that gets you a livestream. For unexplainable reasons, the links work for your friend, but not for you. You move on googling every single combination imaginable, to finally find a link that works. When you arrive at the website, you have to deal with million pop-ups and other ads telling you, there are thousands of Russian brides waiting for you. Once you’ve said ‘no’ to about 50% of the Russian female population, it’s time to enjoy your game…or so you think, because every five minutes you have to turn down another “MiaBadGirl”, for the rest of the game. NBA, I love this game!

“Dude, You Look Tired!”: Well, if you’re the kind of guy who loves live NBA action. Get ready to hear that phrase over and over again. Michael Beasley knows exactly what I’m talking about! Or not, whatever…

Irrational love for Hip-Hop music, Baggy pants, Throwbacks & Jordans: If you let your kid play basketball at a young age and he gets obsessed by it, beware! There’s a 99% chance he’ll be into the Hip-Hop lifestyle. From playing NBA games with a Hip-Hop soundtrack to mimicking your favourite players. At one point in your life, your J’s will be clean, your pants will sag and the beat will drop .

“Umm…What?”: If you’re a Bobcats fan, you can skip this part. A phrase most used in the months of May and/or June. When your team is playing during the play-offs, you’re watching the game, your girl tells you something, you don’t answer, she’s mad… Well, I guess it all comes down to priorities.

All-Star Weekend: The unexplainable need to watch the All-Star Game live with all your main buddies. Preferable with a giant TV screen and too much snacks. One or two friends falling asleep during the game, but because of screaming and yelling at that one jawdropping, highlight play, they’ll be woken up. They’ll be  pissed off too because they just missed that play. The rest of the game, the others will complain about how the players don’t play with any intensity. The year after, you’ll probably do exactly the same thing again.

Fisher Price: About to live on your own? You’ll probably need this somewhere in your house, flat, … Don’t forget to say “KOBE!” when shooting.


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