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Trade Deadline: Who’s going where?

February 11, 2013

February is the month of change in the NBA. It’s a time when young journalists try to make up a trade buzz, just to rack up some views. Where a nobody goes on Twitter, says he knows a source, uses the right hashtags and starts a huge trade rumor. Just to clear some air on some things you might’ve heard. Here are the latest trade rumors you should believe.

Josh Smith is going to be traded. He already made it clear this season, he wants a change of scenery. Because of his ending contract the Atlanta Hawks should trade him so they’ll wind up with something instead of nothing. The Brooklyn Nets are pushing hard for Josh, making Humphries available.

Speaking of Humphries, several sources claimed the Charlotte Bobcats and the Brooklyn Nets had an offer on the table that would’ve traded Ben Gordon and Kris Humphries straight up. Brooklyn would’ve gotten a shooter and Charlotte would’ve gotten a big body who’s able to finish.

In Salt Lake City, there’s some trade buzz surrounding Big Al Jefferson. Boston and Phoenix would be possible takers. Phoenix is having a disaster season and would be willing to part ways with the heart and soul, Jared Dudley. They made it clear that Marcin Gortat could be dealt too.

Phoenix is showing major interest in Iman Shumpert (‘s haircut) as well, but they’re not the only one. Shump is receiving a lot of interest around the league, but Coach Woodson and Carmelo Anthony have made public statements they don’t want any changes to the current team. They believe in their chances to compete for a championship.

J.J. Redick is having a great year in Orlando and is doing more than just shooting the ball. This kind of player could be a major addition to certain ‘on the bubble’ teams that would turn them into contenders. Expect Redick to be traded come trade deadline.

Another player garnering great interest is Golden State Warrior Harrison Barnes. The rookie already has had some major highlight reel dunks, but it’s his all around game that really stands out. The chances he’ll get traded are close to zero though. GSW Front Office Management isn’t that foolish.

In the beginning of last week, there were some talks surrounding a potential BargnaniBoozer swap. Toronto GM Bryan Colangelo is willing to surpass the luxury tax to get the perfect player, but he said Boozer isn’t that type of player.

Voila, trade buzz in short!

Don’t believe everything you read!
(except my blog, which is awesome)


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