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My All-Star Thoughts As A Rookie Blogger

February 19, 2013

Yes, I just rated my thoughts “All-Star”.

Before I start yapping about All-Star Weekend, I have to confess this was my first edition in 3 years where I didn’t follow all the events live. After attending a basketball camp as a trainer I caught a mini-flu and staying up late wasn’t a realistic option for me. Suddenly, I don’t feel a die-hard NBA fan anymore…

Rising Stars Rookie Game

Looking at the rosters, neither team Shaq or team Chuck has a list of entertaining highflyers like last year. Blake Griffin showed the world last year, it’s possible to demonstrate your entire skillset in 10 minutes of playing time. His skillset is ‘dunks’ if you didn’t know.

After a couple of dissappointing All-Star Games, the rookie game gained more attention because the players showed more intensity. If this year’s edition was your first, you probably wondered how bad those All-Star Games were. This year’s edition was bad, really bad. Really, really bad. Damian Lillard’s double pump reverse-attempt made me chuckle!

From minute 1 to minute 40 there was no defense at all. They didn’t even act like there was defense. The only bright spot was Ricky Rubio trying to create a highlight everytime he was in possession. Bromance alert right here… As the game progressed, the lead got bigger and bigger for Team Chuck. Normally, the teams try to make it close near the end. Not this time, the gameclock ticked further and nothing really spectacular happened. Untill the smoothest kid in the league, Kyrie Irving decided to rape Brandon Knight.

Kenneth Faried was the righteous MVP of the game. He was enthusiastic to be on the court and put his signature energy on both ends of the court on display.

Three Point Shoot Out

The most classic competition on All-Star Saturday Night! My favorite going into this competition was Steve Novak no doubt. Seeing him drain shot after shot those first racks in the first round, I was ready to tweet something like…That’s right, I told you so, Steve Novak B*tche$ !!! Good thing my phone was too far away, because he went ice cold those last two racks. It was fun seeing Dwyane Wade waving a Marquette jersey in the background.

I don’t think Kyrie Irving was the favorite amongst a lot you all. But the dude rises up to the occasion, again and again. This dude continues to baffle me. Uncle Drew is just 20 years old and he owned All-Star Weekend. I’m quite sure there isn’t a person on this planet that hates Kyrie Irving. It’s kind of like Lebron James in Cleveland in his 2nd year too.

Slam Dunk Contest

I failed with my Steve Novak pick, but I won big time with my Terrence Ross pick! Overall, I thought the dunk contest was pretty good. Too bad Jeremy “No Stylepoints” Evans made his way to the finals instead of Faried or Bledsoe. One thing that irritated me was James White going to the jury telling them he deserved a higher score.

James White - Sprite Slam Dunk Contest 2013

James White is a no-name who lost the McDonalds High School Dunkcontest, the NCAA Dunkcontest and now the NBA Slam Dunkcontest, he seriously needs to realise he chokes on big stages. FYI, the jury consisted of Hall of Famers. James White needed to sit his ass down and STFU. James White did say, he was going to try to dunk from the top of the key in the finals… From the top of the key…yes, no typo.

Here are the dunks that made me…


Good Gawd

Oh My !!!”

All-Star Game

Before I talk about the game, who’s the drunk idiot from Adidas who decided it was funny to give the players shoes who look like snot?

Sooo, the All-Star Game! How refreshing was it to see defense being played from the first minute? The overall vibe was great and the tempo was closer to a real game since…forever! I’ve been watching the ASG since 2001, FYI. Spectacular plays weren’t forced and were the result of well-ran fastbreaks. Halfcourt play was pretty solid and the game was balanced the entire 48 minutes.

The Kyrie-rape moment of the game was Kobe locking up Lebron in the fourth. Normally Lebron goes loco in the fourth in All-Star Games and puts the East in a winning situation. Kobe decided to give himself a memorable moment in the nightmarish ’12-’13 season by embarassing Lebron. He blocked Lebron twice and put a halt to the East’s comeback attempt. He continued to yap at Lebron for 6 minutes or so… Classic Villain Kobe. Can’t wait when these 2 guys meet in the Playoffs! ….Oh wait!

After the game, I tweeted that Chris Bosh was the real MVP of this game. You may wonder why, just look at his photobomb!



If someone explains me how to post Gifs on wordpress, I’ll dedicate an entire post on Bosh!

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