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Being A Rookie In The NBA Can Suck

February 27, 2013

Every year, new players get a chance to start of their careers in the NBA. Some players are big names even before they get drafted, others aren’t known at all. The one thing they all got in common? Rookie hazing! To earn respect from their veteran teammates, they have to do whatever their teammates and/or coaches ask them. From ordering donuts to wearing pink backpacks, here are the best rookie hazing moments to date.

Scottie Pippen & Charles Oakley

In order to clear up who’s the boss on the team, Charles Oakley grabs a young Scottie Pippen and slaps him around. It’s been said that Rookie Hazing isn’t that strict anymore. Back in the day, players had to get up at 4.00 AM to go to the drugstore, to buy certain protection, because a teammate got lucky. Listen here!


A lot of teams have the tradition to let their Rookies sing on the last day of training camp. Darren Collison singing Single Ladies by Beyonce while all the other Hornets players stand around him.


Chris Paul carrying a lot of bags after USA Basketball Camp. Watch Gilbert Arenas running from halfcourt to swing his bag around Paul’s neck.


Louis Williams was a rookie with the Philadelphia 76ers and enjoyed a great year. Playing on a team with Allen Iverson and Chris Webber should be fun, but you’ve got to live with being a rookie.


Marshon Brooks‘ car was stuffed with popcorn by Deron Williams and Reggie Evans. Check out the picture below to see Brooks’ frustrated look and the random Asian dude.

Jason Richardson getting Patrick O’Bryant because he didn’t listen to him. The story goes, that O’Bryant still had popcorn flying out the vents 6 months later.


Accessories 2012-2013

Because wearing backpacks and other stupid stuff is a traditional thing, here are some of the best pics of this years Rookie Hazing.

Damian Lillard’s Hello Kitty bag

Dion Waiters buggy

Kevin Jones from the Cavaliers

Raptor Rookies looking proud



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