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The NBA’s Deadliest Snipers

March 6, 2013

After his recent bombardment against Indiana and New York, which made Nagasaki look like a slight drizzle, it’s time to look at the best shooters in the game. Steph Curry probably had the most impressive scoring output ever at MSG. He poured in 54 points on 28 shots, including a staggering 11/13 from three point area.  To put things into perspective, MJ needed 37 shots to hit 55 points.


I didn’t make this list up by looking at the highest 3FG%, otherwise Javale McGee would be first. no, seriously, McGee is perfect from downtown!

It’s not because someone shoots a better FG%, he’s a better shooter. Some players have to get their shot off against defensive schemes which focus entirely on them. So that’s why I have two separate categories: Stars & Snipers.


5. Shane Battier


Lethal! He’s your stereotype roleplayer for a championship team. He’s one of the best defenders you can imagine and he’ll chip in on the offensive end by draining threes like if they were lay-ups. He can go into shooting slumps for a long period of time, but when he’s on…Watch out! Lightning quick release too!

4. Klay Thompson


He’s still only 23 years old, but he’d be the best shooter on a lot of teams right now. He has a smooth stroke and he’s athletic enough to add other pieces to his game. Whenever you catch a GSW highlight reel, there’s Klay draining jumpers. He has potential to have a Michael Redd career. Hopefully without the career-ending injuries.

3. Danny Green


Coming out of UNC, there was no doubt Danny could shoot. But looking at his early career years, it looked like he was on his way out of the league. But unlike any other sport franchise in the world, San Antonio picked Green up and gave him a chance to blossom to become the deadeye shooter he is now. Like other San Antonio players, his efforts go unnoticed but he has turned into one of the best shooters in the game.

3. Ray Allen

San Antonio Spurs v Miami Heat

Currently, in the twilight years of his career, but whenever he checks in, opposing defenses turn their attention to Allen. I’ve never seen someone get pressured this hard when coming over screens, still to this day. If today was 2006, Ray would’ve been ranked in the Star section, no doubt. Greatest shooter of all-time!

2. Steve Novak


If you play in New York, you’re bound to garner a lot of attention. With Novak’s shooting over these last 2-3 years, he’s experienced it. Novak gets the Ray Allen treatment nowadays, meaning he won’t get easy shots anymore. He has to earn every single one of his attempt by sprinting from screen to screen. Still he manages to be second in this ranking.

1. Kyle Korver


Kyle Korver is an absolute machine. He averages eight attempts per game, six of them are three point baskets. Even though the entire NBA knows, he still manages to shoot at a 0.46 clip. Add his length into the mix and you know he’s tough to guard when he’s shooting jump shots from behind the three point line.


3. Kyrie Irving

Foot Locker Three-Point Contest

Consider the fact he takes a big portion of his 3pt attempts of the dribble, it’s amazing he shoots a .42 clip from the 3P line. He’ s Cleveland’s n1 option by far and gets ALL of the defensive attention. Draining gamewinner after gamewinner and winning the 3PT competition in dramatic fashion certainly helped too!

2. Kevin Durant


6’10 and moves like a point guard. 7’4 wingspan and cold blooded like Reggie Miller, Durant makes it look easy. Shooting a three is just effortless for him. I don’t have any recollection of him missing a wide open three. The NBA is in a good place, knowing Durant is only 24!

1. Stephen Curry

stephen curry

It took a while for Curry stabilizing his ankles to keep himself on the court, but here it is. We all knew the kid could shoot but THIS? He doesn’t need a split second, he’ll make sure he shakes you off the dribble and splash it in your face. To summarize, every shot Stephen Curry takes behind the line is a good shot. A stat that summarizes Steph’s absurdity: His 3pt FG% is higher than his regular FG%. PS: Playing against the Warriors on 2K isn’t fun, you could say the Warriors are a real-life cheesefest.


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