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Derrick Rose 2.0 or “Remember when Rose used to…” ?

March 18, 2013

As the return by Derrick Rose comes closer, questions arise whether Rose will be the player he was before the injury. Will he have lost his athleticism and turn into a shooter or will he show the world he’s as explosive as ever? Time will tell… or is it possible history could tell us what to expect?

The Chicago Bulls had just finished another great regular season and they were destined to clash with the Miami Heat for the Eastern Conference crown. With Derrick Rose as their clear-cut leader, the Bulls faced the up-and-coming Philadelphia 76ers. The Bulls took control from the get-go in game 1 but their victory was overshadowed by the late-game injury that hit Derrick Rose. Landing awkwardly after a lay-up attempt, Rose laid on the floor grimacing in pain. He had to be escorted off the court, while the entire city of Chicago was holding their collective breath.


Torn ACL. The two most feared words when awaiting the doctors opinion. The Bulls’ moral was shattered as they got beat by Philly in five. A season without Rose was waiting for Chicago. Soon, talks started how the Bulls should tank the season, trying to get a high lottery pick. Looking at their record right now, it’s clear Chicago wasn’t a one-man team. Even after losing serviceable role-players like Kyle Korver, C.J. Watson & Omer Asik, the Bulls are currently in the play-off picture and are one of the better teams in the Eastern Conference. Kudos to coach Tom Thibodeau!

Now the discussion arises whether or not Derrick Rose should come back or not. He already was given the green light from his doctors to play, but he’s waiting until he gains full confidence in his leaping abilities.


And that’s what this article is all about, will Derrick Rose be the same explosive, high flying player that dazzled fans with his reckless driving playstyle. Players like Chris Webber, Amare Stoudemire, Jason Kidd, all had a torn ACL and came back with noticeable declined athletic ability.

Other players like Al Jefferson, Ricky Rubio and Jamal Crawford came back stronger than ever. The only thing people should realize is that those things take time. Kyle Lowry and Baron Davis each had torn ACL’s in their collegiate careers and still managed to not let that interrupt their brilliance.

Davis could sky back in the day

Davis could sky back in the day

Right before the injury, Derrick Rose signed one hell of a lifetime deal with Adidas for $250 million dollars. Adidas didn’t let this year go to waist marketing-wise as they turned Derrick Rose rehab-story into a mini-series on Youtube. They called it #TheReturn. Such series are always interesting, because they give you a true behind-the-scenes look.

Chicago fans should focus on the positive effects of an ACL injury. There IS something positive about it.

Nene had a career average of 23.8 percent from the mid-range area. After his rehab, he upped his percentage to 41 percent. Jason Smith had a similar change, going from 36 percent to shooting over 50 percent from mid-range. WSJ looked at all the players who sustained an ACL injury since 2003, their jumpshot improvement goes up with an average of 4%, which is significant. To factor out the natural improvement which comes with age, only players older than 26 were used in the study.

Talks about Rose were mostly about his jumpshot improving in his MVP season. When he’ll make his comeback is not sure, but he’ll probably have improved his jumpshot even more. He did a lot of stationary shooting during his rehab, because that’s the only thing he could do. Like playing shooting games with fans…


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