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Chris Bosh: Boss of the Videobomb

March 20, 2013

Did you know the Miami Heat have a big three? Like Lebron, Wade and another superstar. Did you know that guy earns the most money out of those three? It’s Chris Bosh and I absolutely love him.

He’s the guy who sacrificed his 20 ppg and 10 rpg to play for a championship contender. He’s the one who gets called gay, soft, underachieving, etc. without complaining. He gets the least of field goal attempts, but keeps playing in the system, he’s simply a pro’s pro… Except when there’s a camera.

Chris Bosh has found a way to get in the limelight anyway, by videobombing Lebron & Wade over and over again. Here are the top videobombs by Chris Bosh!

At 0:14

The classic and simple “Chris Bosh strut and stop bomb”

At 1:54

Probably the GOAT-bomb, I call this the “Bosh Pop-Out”

Keep it simple, here’s a simple and efficient way to videobomb. Bosh makes it look easy with his God-given goofy face.

At 2:03

The creepy pedophile look

After their Harlem Shake video, Chris Bosh raised his videobomb level by incorporating some dance moves. Dwyane Wade approves.

Because they’re bored of winning, it seems now Miami is planning their videobombs before the game even starts.

LBJ getting back at Bosh!

If you wondered, Chris Bosh does pictures too…

At the All-Star Game


At the White House


What’s your favorite?


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