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Dirk or Kobe?

April 2, 2013

The NBA Play-Offs are inching closer and as always, storylines are unfolding in the Wild West. What makes it that much more interesting this year, is the fact that perennial championship contenders with their aging superstars, are now fighting to prolong their season. Of course I’m talking about the Dallas Mavericks and the Los Angeles Lakers who are about to battle eachother tonight. To complete the list of potential Play-Off candidates, the Utah Jazz are also in the running.

Utah (7 games: 3 Away & 4 Home)

Denver, New Orleans, @Golden State, OKC, Minnesota, @Minnesota, @Memphis

The Utah Jazz are the youngest team of the bunch, but they may have the easiest remaining schedule. With the least amount of games to be played, Utah is riding a five-game winning streak and are the statistic favorites to make the play-offs. In my opinion, Utah would be the weakest team in the Western Conference Play-Offs. I’d rather see Dirk or Kobe play in the play-offs, just because of their massive ‘going-into-GOD-mode’-potential. Whatever may happen, it’ll be interesting what the Jazz will do during the off-season with their current log-jam at the center/power forward spot.

Dallas (9 games: 5 Away & 4 Home)

@Lakers, @Denver, @Sacramento, @Portland, Phoenix, Denver, @New Orleans, Memphis, New Orleans

Dallas couldn’t rely on the services of their franchise player Dirk Nowitzki early in the season, which caused a slow start. When Dirk made his return, he didn’t look like the Nowitzki of old. He needed a lot of time to get into playing shape, which gave OJ Mayo and Brandon Wright the opportunity to come into their own. Now, with Dirk back at full force, it looks like the Mavs could be a real threat to cause an upset in the first round of the NBA Play-Offs.

Even though the Mavs are making a true push, Dallas is severly lacking a point guard. Darren Collison is too much of a loose canon and Mike James is too me-first to feed Dirk and Mayo. The consistent all-around and efficient play of Vince Carter has been a huge plus. The 36 year-old former superstar is thriving in his 6th man role. That’s why I’m pleeding for a line-up that includes VC and Mayo in the backcourt to close out games. @RickCarlisle

Dallas has a lot of games on the road, but playing New Orleans twice at the end of the season could be beneficial for their play-off chances.

LA Lakers (8 games: 2 Away &  6 Home)

Dallas, Memphis, @Clippers, New Orleans, @Portland, Golden State, San Antonio, Houston

Nobody could see this coming. A line-up of Nash, Kobe, MWP, Gasol & Howard fighting for their play-off ticket. Yes, they endured an endless list of injuries, but it’s LA and they’ve got expectations to meet. Even if LA makes the play-offs, Kobe hasn’t quite figured it out to play with Nash, Pau AND Dwight at the same time. Kobe can go into Magic-mode or Wilt-mode but it seems Kobe doesn’t has a gear that feautures the best of both. D’Antoni as the coach remains a huge mistake in my book.

This team needs defense badly and we all know what D’Antoni thinks about defense. To MDA’s defense, the roster isn’t quite filled with defensive monsters.

Nash was never able to guard anybody, Kobe only played defense during the All-Star game, MWP is probably done for the season, Gasol is average and Jamison is even worse than Nash. The only guys who play defense are Dwight and Clark. (Meeks’ is kinda ok…)

Their last three games will be crucial for their play-off chances.

I honestly don’t know who to root for… Nevertheless, expect epic proportions of  intensity from Dirk and Kobe. It might be one of our last chances to watch two future Hall Of Famers go at it on the NBA’s biggest stage, the Play-Offs


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