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What Happened To: Ep.2 Michael Beasley

April 16, 2013

After signing a lucrative deal in Phoenix and a promised starting role, it seemed Michael Beasley was on his way to have a break-out season this year. Game after game, he wasn’t able to produce at an efficient level, which caused then-head coach Alvin Gentry to demote him to a bench player.

Michael Beasley is running out of opportunity

Michael Beasley is running out of opportunity

Let’s take a look back…

The future seemed bright for Michael Beasley coming out of college. The Kansas State-star had a freshman record-breaking year, including the freshman double-double record held by Carmelo Anthony. He averaged 26 points and a nation-leading 12,4 rebounds a game, while shooting 53% from the field. The dilemma at that time was picking Beasley or D-Rose as the number one pick…

The hype was real

The hype was real

The Miami Heat franchise rejoiced by picking Michael Beasley as the number two pick, but the first disappointment wasn’t too far off. Beasley was listed as 6’10 (2m08) but the NBA measured him in at 6’8 (2m03), which is quite a difference at the power forward spot. Rookie coach Spoelstra had to decide to use him as a PF or SF.

Beasley certified himself as a presence from the get-go scoring in double figures in his first nine out of ten games. Though in comparison to Derrick Rose, he came up short with his modest rookie averages. After the Heat’s brief Play-Off run, it was reported he violated the team’s policy numerous times. As did fellow rookie Mario Chalmers…

Mind the weed bag in the bottom right corner

Mind the weed bag in the bottom right corner

Normally, NBA players make ‘the jump’ in their sophomore season. Michael Beasley got the starting job over Udonis Haslem, but didn’t really confirm his starter status. “B-Easy” wasn’t the most consistent player, showing glimpses of greatness one night and disappearing other nights. When Miami became a player on the Free Agent market, Beasley had to go so the Heat could sign Mike Miller.

Former Miami teammates and Coach Spo absolutely loved Michael as a teammate and Heat fans were a tad bit sad to see Beasley go. Even though they got Lebron in return.

Playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves, Beasley showed great promise for the future. Playing through multiple injuries he averaged 19 points a game. He seemed like the go-to player Minnesota needed. Doc Rivers praised his scoring ability before a game.

“Offensively, I’ve been a big believer in him, I just think he can score. I said it two years ago: I think one day he may lead the league in scoring. He just knows how to score the ball. He has a Carmelo ability to score the ball.” – Doc Rivers on Michael Beasley.

When Minnesota brought in Rick Adelman, Beasley’s lack of basketball IQ and defensive mindset became painfully noticeable. Adelman is famous for running an offense which requires some sort of understanding of a ‘team game’. Beasley thrived the season before by getting his isolation opportunities. Pouring in the occasional twenty points, Beasley’s role diminished with every game. To make matters worse, he suffered a lingering foot injury which held him back. Adelman looked at Beasley as a ball-stopper and there wasn’t any room for Mike in the Wolves’ future plans.

During his first season with Phoenix, Beasley is still searching for consistency. He follows up twenty point games with a 1/11 FG game. I, personally don’t know what the future brings for Michael Beasley. Looking at current head coach Hunter’s reaction, it’s not that bright…

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