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Crippled NBA Playoffs Provide Hollywood Storylines

April 28, 2013

Arriving late to the blogging play-off party, I know.

I can’t get past the fact the NBA Play-Offs are probably at an all-time low with starpower. Whoever wins the Championship this year, people are going to point out the injuries to star players, the depleted teams they had to face, etc. And besides the injurybug, there are teams in the Play-Offs that simply aren’t interesting… I’ll get to that later!


But like every year, players step up, emotions arise and intensity picks up. Home crowds gear up and fan up to scream their respective teams to victory which causes players to reach levels beyond their original potential. Sometimes we forget, but the ones we call ‘scrubs’ are world class athletes too and as last night showed, they’re more than able to provide us Classic Play-Off Basketball.

Team > Star

That’s basically what the Chicago Bulls are proving right now. Toughness, grit, passion and a never-quit attitude make this team one of the more memorable of the past years. With all the attention going to Derrick Rose whether he’ll return or not, the attention should’ve gone to coach Thibs, Boozer’s resurgence, Noah’s big heart and Nate’s maturity.

I picked Brooklyn, without a doubt. The Chicago Bulls are sometimes painfully to watch on ‘O’, but in the Eastern Conference, they’re certainly not alone. Their 48minutes of intensity shook the Brooklyn Nets and somehow, some way, they use that energy to survive offensively.

We all knew Nate could score in bunches, but what he did last night was without a doubt the performance of this years Play-Offs. If they manage to close out this series, they’ll give the Miami Heat a physical series where they’ll get their first real test.

“Tired of being second”

Only days after this was released, we heard about Russel Westbrook being out for the Play-Offs with a torn meniscus. Can it get more Hollywood than this? Kevin Durant responded, pouring in 41 points reassuring his status as the second best player in the NBA. He gets the ultimate green light for the Oklahoma City Thunder to carry his team through the Western Conference with the experienced San Antonio Spurs looking for revenge. Finally, if he passes that test? The ultimate boss fight with King James in the Finals for that number one spot he’s looking for his entire career. This Play-Off run will be a big chapter in Durant’s career.

Stephen Curry’s Tour of Revenge continues…

Stephen Curry didn’t get voted to the All-Star Game, I was pissed off about it. Nowadays, I’m so happy he didn’t make it! Ever since the All-Star break, this dude made it a personal mission to destroy everyone he went against. The bigger the stage, the bigger the performance. MSG? I’mma just drop 50+. Staples Center? How about 25+ in the first quarter. Play-Offs? How about I make them think I’m a choker for 47 minutes and then start my never-before-seen shooting antics.

With the injury to David Lee, the Warriors upped their intensity level another notch. Every game of this series is a must-watch. The intensity is over the top which causes players to be extremely fatigued at the end of games. Because of their epic home crowds both teams find ways to keep sprinting a full 48 minutes, making exhaustion look like a mere state of mind.

If you thought Kobe was impressive this season…

Then Tim Duncan laughs at your mainstream fanface.


You could say the Lakers are crippled, but remind yourself Duncan is playing against Gasol & Howard. The two remaining stars for ‘that other team in LA’. Tim Duncan looks as spry as ever, producing career numbers in limited minutes. I picked him for DPOY and I’d pick him again. This guy is 37 and he’s the defensive anchor for the third best team in the league.

If you’re THAT guy who says the Spurs are boring, then please walk to a nearby bridge and jump. Tony Parker’s ability to finish at the rim is unreal, Manu is pure magic, Timmy’s offensive is a walking manual for every big guy and Kawhi is Bruce Bowen, but just better in every way.

Gritty Grizz vs. Lob City

Besides this being the second best series in the NBA Play-Offs, people are underestimating how much the outcome of this series will have an effect on Chris Paul resigning or not. Like last year, the Clippers were a great show during the regular season, but during the Play-Offs Blake & DeAndre weren’t a factor. Aaand it’s looking like the series will be an exact copy of last year.

Blake isn’t that good as the highlights may show, DeAndre is a glorified Harlem Globetrotter, CP3 was nowhere to be found in game 3 and Jamal Crawford is slowly turning back into Amal Crawfull. While the Grizzlies, I believe, are built for the Play-Offs. Z-Bo is a legit number one option and they have stretches during games, where their defense is awe-inspiring.

New York Knuckleheads

One of the most talented teams in the league without a doubt, with a franchise player who’s tired of his lack of succes. That sounds like a dangerous team and actually, that’s what they are. But they’re bipolar, just like their best player. Sometimes we see Carmelo, the unstoppable scorer. Other times it’s Anthony going for 30 in the flow of the game, being a great teammate and playing intense defense. At last we have ‘Melo jabsteppin’ for 8 seconds at the left wing while his teammates are being reduced to spectators.

If New York gets Carmelo Anthony, they’ll give the Miami Heat a serious run for the Eastern Conference Crown. If the Knicks get ‘Melo, they’ll barely get past Indiana and they’ll get the gentleman sweep against the Heat.

The Ugly Ducklings

What are the odds to read this title on this website?

Boston Celtics: A team without a ball handler and two legit offensive plays. A highpost iso for Paul Pierce on top and a Paul Pierce pick and roll with Kevin Garnett. FYI: There were Boston fans thinking Jason Terry was an upgrade for Ray Allen.

Indiana Pacers: David West is my number one on the “Players I don’t want to mess with”-list. The Pacers can’t score and they’ll fight anytime and anywhere. Their hunger for shoving matches are a bit over the top.

Atlanta Hawks: Watch Game 1 & Game 2… Do they even give a crap? Do they even sweat? Seriously wtf

Los Angeles Lakers: Going to the Staples Center cheering for the Lakers is like going to a bullfight in Spain trying to cheer for the helpless bull.

Milwaukee Bucks: The Miami Heat = a bored cat , The Milwaukee Bucks = a blind mouse with a broken leg suffering from Parkinsons


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