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NBA Memoires: “Goodbye To My Heroes”

September 2, 2013

It al started with Shaq,

An athlete, an actor, a rapper, a physical specimen, larger than life who enjoyed life like a little kid.

Than I found someone to mimic my game after, Allen Iverson.

A big hearted warrior with average height, who dominated amongst the NBA’s trees.

After these guys made me fall in love with the game, I found my biggest joy playing the game was letting someone else score.

Jason Kidd.

I got older, being cool in school was a must in order to stand out and be popular. The word ‘Swag’ wasn’t around those days, but someone who personified it was.

Tracy McGrady.

Basketball was an integral part of my life now. It wasn’t just a hobby, it was a passion and something that pushed me to ignore all pain and injuries just to continue doing what I love doing. My first love, basketball, was the reason I was up and off the court for three years. But the love was and is unconditional, so even if basketball pushed my unto injury-road, I kept coming back and learnt not to give up, ever…

Grant Hill.

This is how, I say goodbye to my heroes


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