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NBA Season Preview ’13-’14 Part One: Rocketships & Chubbies

October 7, 2013

I had my doubts wriiting during the NBA Off-Season. But everything you hear during the Off-Season is based on rumors and gossip.

I don’t like reading that stuff and I advise to you, you don’t read it either…

So let’s start at the begin.



The biggest news this Off-Season was ofcourse the Rockets hauling in Dwight Howard.

Dwight himself, said that the main reason he chose Houston was Chandler Parsons. The story goes that Parsons texted and called him every minute of the day, convincing Dwight that the Rockets are one BIG piece away of doing something truly special.

Chandler Parsons is probably right.

James Harden enjoyed a terrific season last year. The only bump in the road came late at the end of the season where he seemed fatigued being the number one guy for 82+ games. I’m looking forward to seeing Harden take the next step into Superstardom or if he’ll be a bit more passive, trying to involve Dwight Howard in the offense. Time will tell.

Chandler Parsons isn’t only responsible for bringing in the big guy, he’s an all-around guy who effortlessly and efficiëntly puts up 15-8-5. I wouldn’t be surprised if he became an All-Star if the Houston Rockets sit atop the Western Conference by February.

Another interesting development in Houston is the uprising of Patrick Beverly at back-up point guard. Jeremy Lin has to fight for his minutes this year, after having no real competition last year. This can only be a plus for the Rockets organisation. Further down the line they have an average mix of role players who’ll do just fine in the regular season. I do expect they’ll turn into a liability come Play-Off time.

Bed of Roses

Chicago Bulls fans rejoice! They probably feel like it’s their year… And they should!

Derrick Rose is finally back and he’s looking spry. Everyone can exhale now,. No more Rose-memes and no more seasonlong Adidas marketingvideo’s about ‘The Return’….

Almost the entire team came back with the notable exceptions of Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli. Those losses aren’t that hard to swallow after the signing of experienced swingman Mike Dunleavy. I expect him to fulfill the Belinelli role without any struggles. Taj Gibson looks like he’s coming for that starter spot, which is only going to ignite Carlos Boozer some more. The team is packed with energy guys who give their all, every single night.

The most important factor for the Bulls is health. Noah, Boozer, Rose and Deng need to stay healthy throughout the season to build synergy. The Miami Heat and Indiana Pacers have been around for three years and they’ve gelled like no other teams in the East. Even with Rose back at full strength, I still believe Indiana has a better chance to dethrone the Heat.

It’s up to the Bulls to prove me wrong.

Blue Collar Is The Color

Same team with more experience you’d say?

Not quite.

They brought in Luis Scola who can make sure the offense isn’t going to take a dip whenever David West or Roy Hibbert get a rest. His passing will create much needed space in a rigid Indiana offense. After a season full of injury, Danny Granger makes his return to the court. I expect his role to be minimalized, so Indiana can continue its pace of the past season. His offense is needed, his inefficiency at that end not.

Other acquisitions are Chris Copeland and Rasual Butler. Offensive roleplayers who’ll contribute during the season, but they’ll take a backseat during the real season.

Indiana’s continued problem still remains though. They don’t have a point guard. George Hill is a solid NBA player, but he’s no point guard that can provide the needed offensive organisation that Indiana lacks. His back-up, C.J. Watson, is the exact same story.

Like the Houston Rockets, it’ll be detrimental to the team’s success, if Paul George and Roy Hibbert can make the next big step into stardom. They’re both still young and they’re the main pillars of this franchise.

Hello Brooklyn, Bye Bye Manhattan

The other big story of the NBA Off-Season. Mikhail Prokhorov pulling of a major trade, transforming his franchise into a real contender for an NBA Championship.

When your starting five consists of Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett & Brooke Lopez, you simply have too much experience to fail. Don’t point your finger at the Lakers of last year or the ’04 Lakers. The main difference with these guys is ego.

Pierce & Garnett are nearing the end of their careers and are ready for their last dance. Deron Williams and Joe Johnson NEVER reached a Conference Finals. Brooke Lopez is a young stud, who’s going to learn the equivalent of Gary Paytons knowledge on Trash Talking. This team will not fail, albeit injuries.

Then there’s their bench, which is outstanding. They signed Kirilenko for a bag of chips, Alan Anderson and Jason Terry as their scoring punch, Evans as the dirt guy, Livingston as an OK back-up for Williams AND a good pick in the draft with Mason Plumlee. If I’m a Eastern Conference Play-Off team, I’m scared.

“But, But, What about the Knicks?”

What about them?

They’ll probably get another MVP season from Carmelo Anthony, have a decent regular season and they’ll fail in the Play-Offs. The team is going nowhere. They lost their floor leader in Jason Kidd and they added career nuthead Metta World Peace, who can’t shoot, can’t move and can’t play defense anymore. I’m not even going to talk about Andrea Bargnani, who’s a professional basketball player and looks like this…




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