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Admired Once Retired

October 16, 2014

Five rings, Finals MVP, All-Star, member of  the most successful sports teams of your generation.

Tony Parker is a living basketball Legend who’s only 32 years old. But no one seems to talk about him that way. Until he’s in the NBA Finals again, then the media gives him a day worth of coverage. Time to change that.



Every Spurs guy should get an asterisk next to their stats saying they put team first, never me first. Duncan, Ginobili, Parker and now Leonard could be major superstars on other NBA teams, putting up huge numbers. The kind of numbers which fuels NBA Talkshows or drive Sports Forum Discussions crazy when they’re putting up their Top 10 All-Time or whatever.

What those kind of people fail to see is ‘Basketball’.

How it should be played

What it takes to win


Re-watch the Play-Offfs. Or the six Play-Offs prior for that matter. Re-watch the last 5 minutes of any close Spurs game over the last ten years. You’ll see one of the most cold blooded players the NBA has ever seen.

Look up a Spurs’ run in which they kill their opponent, you’ll see Tony Parker running the show. Either dazzling opponents with his drives to the paint, speeding up the tempo or feeding Tim Duncan after a pick’n-roll, it’s Tony.

And we only appreciate him when he turns in an epic 4th quarter performance during Play-Off time and then we forget again.

We list the top Point Guards and mention Chris Paul, Derrick Rose and Russel Westbrook, but they’re not even in the same breath as Tony Parker. Chris Paul doesn’t have any postseason accomplishments, Derrick Rose doesn’t have any substance to his Superstardom and Russel Westbrook spells ‘Team’ as ‘Me’. You can point out that TP has had the better team and I’ll disagree. The Spurs have had Finals rosters filled with players who were outcasts on other teams. Look it up, their roster is never spectacular. So credit goes to The Big Three and Coach Pop for their system. It’s Tony Parker whenever San Antonio is in need of a bucket… and the dude delivers every.damn.time.

This is where Tony Parker gets underrated.

I believe the Frenchmen is the reason Tim Duncan gets looked at as a aging marvel.


Timmeh Backpack Shwag

Everyone is saying Tim Duncan ages well and performs great for his age. Yes
Tim Duncan is the leader and top-performer for the San Antonio Spurs. No

Hear me out…

I think the dominant and consistent play of Tony Parker is the reason Tim Duncan can rest as much as he does during the regular season these last few years, so he can maintain his level of performance during countless postseasons. The heaviest load of an offense is when teams rely on their leader to carry them through scoring droughts or rough, inconsistent patches of play. You can’t say with a straight face that Tim Duncan is that guy. It’s Tony Parker.

When San Antonio needs a bucket, Parker calls for a high screen and does one of these three:

1) Drive to the basket (floater, spinning layup, dish out)

2) Midrange jumpshot

3) Passes it to the screener for an open jumpshot

This isn’t a secret, but no one can stop it.


Because he doesn’t force anything, he seems to be making the right decision every time. Are you telling us that basketball is that simple? Chyeeaahh, if you take care of the details…

Tony Parker is not an athletic freak as the point ‘gods’ listed above. But he plays the pick’n roll like no other because he takes care of the details.

Even when the pick is set average, he makes sure to jab his defender in a way he’ll get a step ahead of his defender. Youngsters get taught to go around the pick as close as you can get. Older, experienced ballers know it’s not as easy as that sounds. Tony Parker kinda lures his defender in the screen by his dribbling jukes he uses before taking advantage of the screen. The video gives you great examples. Because he’s so good at using the screen, he can use the pick as bait, then pop out a cross-over and go the other way. Tony Parker always uses a screen even when he isn’t using it. You still following me there?

The point I’m making is, it’s all pretty basic. But it’s these basics that are the foundation of the beauty that is Spurs Basketball. The Days of dumping it to Duncan and cutting and screens away from the ball are far gone. Parker’s in charge. There’s no room for nostalgia and call Tim Duncan the president of San Antonio.

Don’t get me wrong, it is impressive how this transition went so smoothly no one even noticed. This is what happens when basketball reigns supreme and not ego’s, stats and shoe deals.

Tony Parker doesn’t make incredible shots. He’s not a regular on Sportscenter and he won’t be a Facebook viral sensation anytime soon…

He isn’t going to be on someone’s bedroom wall either,

Not going to get First Team NBA,

Not going to be an All-Star Game Starter,

Not going to get a full article written about him in some fancy US Sports Magazine,

Not going to care either,

5 Rings and counting…

He’ll have time for your admiration later


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