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What You Should Know From Pre-Season

October 28, 2014

1) Don’t watch it

2) Don’t base your Regular Season predictions off of it


I did the first one.

I’m going to do the second one.

Kobe has zero fcks to give


Which is a good thing honestly. The Lakers aren’t a team heading in any direction. A perfect environment for Kobe to shoot himself into basketball history. If you haven’t seen a Laker game by now, I’ll tell you this. Kobe Bryant will be the All-Time Leader in Field Goals Missed and he’ll remind you every game this season how he has reached this point. You may poke fun at this irrelevant chapter of his illustrious career but I reassure you, he’s going to have some incredible scoring games this season.

Kobe Bryant’s shot selection is kinda like a slot machine. Everybody says it bad and it makes no sense, but when you’re forced to watch it, you can’t seem to pull yourself away from it. Like this one…

473Suns Lakers Basketball

Hollywood Storylines:

  • Kobe Bryant breaking “Oldest Active Player To Do … ” records
  • Kobe passing MJ on the scoring leader ranks
  • Kobe passing … I had too
  • Julius Randle being labeled a bust … I’m sorry LA, he’s going to turn out great in year 2
  • Jeremy Lin proving once and for all, he’s a solid NBA player
  • Carlos Boozer flexing and yelling and reminding LA how good Pau Gasol was.
  • Wesley Johnson growing a bit of self confidence


No More East Jokes


Even though Paul George is out for the season and Stephenson bolted to the Bobcats… I mean the Hornets, no not New Orleans, I mean Charlotte…the Hornets…

Am I the only one that thinks this name and location switching has been confusing as hell ?


The East looks okay. You’ve got Cleveland and Chicago on a collision course for the throne. The bubble teams like the Wizards, Hawks and Raps all got better and aren’t the butt of a Lebron-joke. The battle for home court advantage will be a sight to see. Top Eastern Things to look out for:

  • Bulls claiming the top spot
  • Cavs having a blitz start but running into offensive troubles after 20 games
  • Bucks figuring out Jabari Parker is their number1 option after the All-Star Break
  • Wizards looking like a threat after Bradley Beal comes back
  • Pacers averaging 80 points a game
  • Philadelphia TankSquad
  • Orlando Magic, Brooklyn & Detroit fighting for the last Play-Off spot


The Miami Riddle


The Miami Heat will bounce somewhere in the middle of that HCA battle for the Play-Offs in the East. Coach Spo has his work cut out for him. Miami consists of veteran players who have had deep Play-Off success and young prospects without any relevant NBA experience. During the Pre-Season those young guys have performed really great. Whether or not they will play isn’t the big riddle.

Will Dwyane Wade accept the Robin to Chris Bosh’ Batman?


With ‘Bron out, Bosh has all the space to show his midrange game. He’s still quicker than the bulk of NBA Power Forwards and his midrange jumper was the best in the entire NBA. It won’t be this season though, his high FG% was the result of LBJ tenure as a Heatian.

Miami’s inability to rebound will prevent them to go deep into the postseason. Keep an eye out for the following:

  • Shabazz Napier running the Point Guard position
  • Mario Chalmers’ run for a 6th Man of the Year award
  • Dwyane Wade’s Threepoint Attempts
  • James Ennis Shaqtin’ A Fool highlights
  • The Sudden Decline of Birdman

Same Ol’ Spurs


Yes they lost against Alba Berlin.

But they’re playing again like it’s 1999. Tim Duncan, Manu, Tony are in great shape and one of their pick-ups will probably be the type of player who’ll come in during a random time and grab the decisive rebound that’ll decide the Western Conference Finals in the Spurs’ favor. You just know that’s going to happen.

Very Spurs Things To Happen in ’14-’15:

  • An injury to Manu, Tim or Tony during the season
  • Kawhi looking like a 23-5-5 guy during that span
  • Tiago Splitter & Boris Diaw looking like bums during the regular season
  • Tiago Splitter & Boris Diaw looking like the lovechild of Magic Johnson during the postseason
  • Coach Popovich yelling at Patty Mills
  • Manu’s bald spot not being a ‘spot’ anymore
  • Spurs cruising to the best record in the West

Russell 4 MVP


We didn’t need an injury to a big superstar.

But if I had to choose, I would’ve picked Kevin Durant.

Don’t get me wrong, I love Kevin Durant. But the possibility of having Russell Westbrook at the helm of a team and a green light to shoot whenever he wants is enough to convince me. This could finally show us how good Westbrook really is.

Some things we might expect during KD’s injury:

  • Westbrook being the League Leader in Points Per Game
  • Westbrook scoring a 50 point game
  • Westbrook following up his 50 with a 8/33FG Game
  • Russ going for a quadruple double with 20 pts, 10 rebs, 10 asts & 10 turnovers
  • Russell attempting 30 shots in KD’s comeback game
  • OKC having a great record without KD because Westbrook is THAT good



 Superstar Rooks


I tried to watch every single T-Wolves game of the pre-season, turns out only one game was televised. That one game didn’t feature Andrew Wiggins. I did watch almost every game of Jabari Parker.



He good

He’s still a little bit shy about taking the reigns on offense, which is completely normal, but I expect him to be Milwaukee’s number 1 very soon. Milwaukee plays him at the 4 position, but to me he seems more effective at the Forward. He reminds me of Melo in terms of size and movement but Jabari seems to be more explosive of the bounce. He doesn’t have Melo’s killer jumpshot…. yet.

I tweeted in the beginning of the preseason that Aaron Gordon looked like Michael Beasley 2.0

I want to apologize for that.

Gordon still looks like a tweener but his Basketball IQ is lightyears ahead of Beasley’s, which will assure him a place in the NBA if he continues to work on a jumpshot. Orlando seems to be a big winner in the draft. Elfrid Payton looks like an absolute steal and he’ll benefit from the open spot at the guard now that Oladipo’s injured.



With hair like this, you can’t really fail


This year’s draft features two big name shooters Doug McDermott and Nick Stauskas. They seem to have found perfect fits via the NBA Draft. The Chicago Bulls have always been near perfect on the defensive end, but had troubles maintaining their offensive flow because of scoring droughts. Dougie McBuckets will make sure D.Rose gets the appropriate room to operate & penetrate to the basket. Whether Nick Stauskas will survive on the Kings isn’t a sure thing. Sacramento has been a rocky situation these last few years.



A couple of guys I see having a quiet season are…

Dante Exum of the Utah Jazz doesn’t look ready for the NBA, at all. He seems to have just picked up the game of basketball. He looks lost on the court on both sides of the court and his handles aren’t at the NBA level.

Zach LaVine will show out during the Dunk Contest and that’ll be his lone highlight of the season. If Barea does get bough out, he might get some more minutes.

If Boston trades Rajon Rando, the chances Marcus Smart will have a big rookie season are pretty high. Not because he’s one of the best players in the Draft but because he’ll shoot his way to a ten point average throughout the NBA Regular Season. His stroke isn’t the prettiest, but he continues shooting past his struggles. Which is kinda rare for a rookie. His irrational confidence will steer him to a great NBA Career. Some rookie things that might happen…

  • Jabari Parker will win ROY
  • At some point in the season people will say Wiggins is a bust
  • These same people will point out Wiggins’ Superstardom in 2 yrs and say they predicted it
  • McDermott hitting 8 threes in a game
  • Chris Paul mistakenly passing it to Aaron Gordon because … Griffin
  • Mario Chalmers yelling at Shabazz Napier because … payback


John Wall finally looking like John Wall


John Wall just ran out of excuses.

His Washington team looks like a contender at last. Bradley Beal’s injury is just a speed bump on the road to Home Court Advantage during the Play-Offs. Anything but a 3 spot will be a disappointment for this Wizard team. John Wall made a considerable leap last year where looked mature enough for Play-Off success, will he continue his progress into a NBA Superstar?

The question is whether this team remains healthy throughout the year. Paul Pierce won’t look like a great pick-up but I guess his locker room presence will prove invaluable.


Thompson > Curry ?



This is a question we asked ourselves during the FIBA World’s.

We’ll ask it again during the NBA Season. It doesn’t mean we’re downplaying Steph Curry, it means Thompson is evolving into a complete basketball player. Those who watched the World Championship saw Klay Thompson successfully post up on the block, drive the basketball and create for other teammates. What surprised me even more was his outstanding lockdown defense on the perimeter.

Golden State will continue to evolve into one of the premier teams of the Western Conference because of the Splash Brothers.


Return Of JaFail McGee


















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