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About Me

As you read this blog, I can imagine you wondering “Who is this flipping genius?”.

First of, I’m not your average American sports fan who fills his weekends watching sports all day. No, I’m from Antwerp, Belgium, so my perspective is different than the mainstream NBA-Blogger. I’m not able to watch a game live:  sitting through a million tv-timeouts, isn’t my favorite waste of time.

  • I do squeeze in a lot of NBA games in my free time
  • I’m a sucker for NBA Rumors & Transactions
  • I lurk several discussion boards.  (but I don’t actually post in them, because it’s dominated by inbreed, puberal teenagers)
  • I still play basketball myself (I’m the bittered, always-injured young guy who thinks he’s old)
  • I train people (Simply because I’m that passionate about basketball)

Aside from basketball, I’m in my last year of college, studying Strategic Communication at the University of Antwerp. So, I should sound smart!

Not enough info for ya? Check out my Facebook & Twitter       @OfficialNickG

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  2. McCane health care or Obama? Who’s longer?

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